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It took me a whole year to get up the courage to walk into a gym and when i did I met the most awesome people, Ellen and Pete along with their trainers are so attentive and friendly. You could have all the equipment in the world but if the spirt is not there -than you will loose clients fast. They hold dinners and fancy dress evenings which i went dressed as an alley cat, (never thought i would do that) they change our programs every 4 to 6 weeks and they always catch me out when im of forum for $14 AWEEK. I take my hat of to them. Ellen is hoping i will compete soon, and if i do i will make sure our little town knows who helped me. There are 2 many gyms in this little town i dont know how they all survive. BETA BODY KAITAIA ROCKS

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the gym has a bit of both worlds when it comes to attmosphere, the pump and combat classes are held next to our workout area, great entertainment when on those 30 second rest breaks. The equipment is old but the gyms got soul and positivity draws positivity-if you know what im on about. Its mostly male body builders in the gym but the guys have us girls so much cheek. The trainers are only to willing to catch us out !!!!

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