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weight gainer


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I'm thinking of using a weight gainer to get a few extra calories, any recommendations?

Also I'm currently using EAS Whey protein, I'm thinking of using this before a workout and before bed, with the weight gainer as the post workout shake... any problems with this?

Am thinking of doing another cycle of creatine too, would this be ok while using a weight gainer? I've seen that some contain creatine already so would it be necessary?


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I agree. Weight gainers sound good in theory, but they're really just protein shakes with extra carbs. Certainly convenient, but you've got to be careful - a lot of them just increase the sugar, when really you want a slow-releasing carb.

Besides, as Cammo says, there are cheaper alternatives.

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I would be weary of using a mass gainer. Its normally huge servings and its gonna chow your money quicker than you can gain size. If you are desperate to gain size just eat more. I almost wanna say of anything rather than taking a mass gainer. There are many cheaper options. Why do mass gainers make you put on size? It comes down to calories mate. They are stacked with calories, that you can get from many other , cheaper sources.

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