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Hi all! Thought I'd join up to help keep me on track with my weight loss and toning. I've got 6 months exactly to be in shape for my wedding day. If anyone has any tips to share, would be greatly appreciated.

Im 29,

5ft 4in


am hoping to loose 25 kgs in this time, am I kidding myself or is it doable??

My exercise at the moment is

Just started the gym,

kickboxing, boxing at home.


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Hi Anj,

Welcome, and good luck with your goal! You've got the incentive so it's doable, but will require hard work and consistent good habits to lose 1kg every week until your wedding. Get your diet on track today - don't delay!

All the best with the kickboxing, boxing and gym workouts - let us know what you exercise you do and a sample diet if you want some more specific advice

All the best!


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Hey all, thanks for the support. I'll keep you posted:)

One question I do have though, I tend to get quite bad fluid retention, I usually drink at least two litres of water a day but its still quite bad, any tips or anything that may help with this??



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hey whats your sodium(salt) intake like and sugar as these both can cause you to hold onto water. increasing vegetables in your diet and a reduction of salt and sugar will help with this issue.

also if you are on the contraceptiive pill it can make some women hold onto water.

hope this helps


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