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Hows my diet?


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Hows my diet below?

I was about 92 kg's 4 weeks ago at about 21% bf as of today im 87kg and probally around 17.5% im doing little cardio apart from some walking and the odd skipn rope. Fat seems to be coming off but muscle isent packing on as fast as i'd like or as fast as it has in the past...i wanna keep the fat droping while adding lean mass just abit more of it...at 25 should i be using a tribulus supplent?


Week 1

June 25th 07

Rolled Oats w/water

Red Back wpi/wpc


Tuna Sandwich w/sweet thai chilli



Spaghetti bollognase + vege

Redback wpi/wpc

JUNE 26th 07

Rolled Oats w/water & Banana

Red Back wpi/wpc w/milk

MRP+2 kiwi fruit

Tuna Sandwich w/ sweet thai chilli


Chicken stir fry with on brown w/broccoli

Red Back wpi wpc

June 27th 07

5 egg whites 1 whole scrambled

2 pieces of Vogals + Banana +Multi Vitamin

MRP+ 2 Manadrins + 1 kiwifruit

Tuna Sandwich with Ploughmans wholemeal, Apple


post gym shake w/milk

Beef cassarol pie with rice and salad

green tea in evening.

June 28th 07

Red Back shake with 2 peanut butter vogals toast


MRP, 1 slice of vogals(toasted), 2 mandarins

Tuna Sandwich on Ploughmans 1 kiwi fruit


Beef stir fry

Late night Red Back wpi/wpc w/water

June 29th 07

Vogals x 4 with light peanut butter, coffee

MRP + 1 fruit

Tuna sandwich & Peanut butter both on Ploughmans

Pre gym MRP and Fruit

Post gym Red Back

Chicken Breast and Vege dinner.


Cheats: Magnum icecream

Week 2

July 2nd 07


2 x Toast with spreads

Cottage Cheese


Tuna Sandwich

2x Mandarin


Post gym Shake

Chicken Stir Fry on Brown rice

July 3rd 07

Bacon and egg sandwich

Cottage cheese


Smoked Tuna sandwich

with swee thai chilli

Burger fuel

July 4th 07

Rolled oats with 2 egg whites & milk

MRP & Banana

Tuna Sandwich


[post gym shake] Redback

Dinner at my parents (4 x chicken thighs rice and veges and ice cream)

July 5th 07

Mashed hardboiled egg on toast x 2

Cottage cheese


Tuna Sandwich with fruit [chicken roll]


[post gym shake]

Chicken breast stuffed with banana.

July 6th 07

Salmon and eggs scamble

2 x toast

Cottage cheese


Tuna Sandwich with some almonds

Pre gym Apple

Post gym shake

Beef stirfry.


Cheats: Magnum icecream, Pizza

July 9th 07

Rolled oats 2 egg whites finish salmon

MRP and Fruit

Tuna Sandwich




Chicken breast and roast veges

July 10th 07

Rolled oats 1x egg white, 2 toast with tuna spread

MRP + Banana + chicken roll

Tuna Sandwich, 10 Almonds, Banana


Chicken satay with brown rice

July 11th 07

Rolled oats with 2 egg whites 2 toast

MRP + Yogurt

Tuna Sub & Banana

MRP banana

[post gym shake]

Mum roast left overs

July 12th 07

Cottage cheese & Yogurt Mix 2 toast

Yogurt + Banana

Tuna roll, apple


Beef stirfry with noodles

small bran muffin.

July 13th 07

Protein shake and a Banana

Cottage cheese yogurt

Tuna Sandwich


Fish cabbage and veges


Cheats - Hawaian pizza hut

July 16th 07

Choclate protein shake, Apple

MRP Apple

Tuna Sandwich Peanut butter sandwich


[post gym shake]

Chicken stirfry

July 17th 07

2 peanut butter sandwichs and mandarin


Salmon sandwich, Peanut butter sandwich


Fish dinner


MRP is Musarshi meal replacement p40 (40 grams of protein)

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Overall I think it looks pretty good. Just a few thoughts...

- We don't know how big your servings are, so while "Chicken Stir Fry on Brown rice" is an excellent meal, we can't really say much beyond that.

- You seem to be pretty heavily reliant on whey protein. It's convenient and a good form of protein, but I'd try to replace one meal with real food. Four out of six meals with whey as the protein source is a lot.

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