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Maori Bodybuilding


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Kia ora!!! :D

Are there any SERIOUS MAORI bodybuilders in the Waikato area?? HAMILTON??? I wouldn't mind getting some korero going with Maori out there who have competed or are about to compete?? Maybe even look at starting a Bodybuilding Club to get Maori up in the ranks of NZ bodybuilding!!!!

I know of some but yeah, you know the boil up and hangi ain't apart of the bodybuilding diet so if you can pull yourself away from the fried bread, pork bones n puha and wanna get something up n running let me know!!!!

So if your out there and your keen to share some ideas I'm keen!!!!

and hey, if your not Maori and still are serious about it, most welcome to share some ideas!!!

Chur!!! :D

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Kia ora,

My name is Awhi, I would be really keen to hook up, the thing is I live in wellington. Anyways maybe we could keep in touch via this forum???

Anyways abit about me. Im 27 and keen to get into maori health in the future at the moment im study exercise and science at weltec. I would like to compete at a national level of bodybuilding im aiming for a comp in 2009.

Chur, hope to hear from you.

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Kia ora ano, :P

I train at Les Mills in Hamilton, mostly in the power studion down stairs, the gym is ok, the only problem i have with it is the music!! man!! how you suppose to train to music you can hardly hear and when you do it's opera!!! lol well not all the time!! Well that's my moan otta the way for the day! :boohoo:

Thanks for the response!! :pfft: :pfft:

Yeah I'm really pro-active about seeing more Maori hit the circut aye!! hard too!! I know we have some natural gifted genetics and would be mean to see them lean and carving up the bodybuilding scene!!!

I'm currently training to hit a comp late next year, the never ending pursuit to grow quality muscle, i love it!!! 8) 8) 8)

Oh hey, i guess in terms of the forum it don't matter if you don't live in Waikato but if you do we should seriously look at getting something up and running!!! I'm talking eventual sponsorship, uniforms etc.. the whole deal!!! I know theres a team Samoa, Team Tonga, but wea da Maori at???? We gotta represent Hearty man!!! :rockout:

So where to from here guys??? any ideas??? :shrug:

Hey Awhi that's mean!!! 2009, you have a bit of time to kill before your comp!! Keep your eyes on the prize!!! I went and saw my first comp in Wellington, was mean!! my mate won the under 80kg on his first go!! Was my inspiration to start!! :shock:

Don't know Jimmy bro, maybe by face???

Chur Maori Ma!!!!! Looking forward to the journey!!!! :dancing:

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Kia ora Metz,

Yeah bro bit of time to kill till then aye. No mucle at all yet, still trying to build me abit of a foundation to work off. Anyways check out my journal and tell me what you think. My stats should hopefully give you abit of a idea of where im at at the moment. Stay up G. Push on thourgh to the other side!

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Hey Mets, Im Maori an From hamiltron hah.

Im actually at the same gym as you to. Oh well until the end of this week anyways, cause thats when my membership ends. :pfft: But yeah.

Sadly i dont do comps, just luv training up hard and try ta build ma dream physic.

Maybe cutting my weekend nights might help :roll:

But yeah, might be able to have a train up sumtime this week before my membership finishes or something?

How old r u caz?

Chur maori.

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Sadly i dont do comps, just luv training up hard and try ta build ma dream physic.

But yeah, might be able to have a train up sumtime this week before my membership finishes or something?

Kia ora bro,

If you training to get your dream bod bro you might as have some where to show case it!!! you should do a comp!!!

Are you going to renew your membership???

As for the age bro I'll stick with 21!!! :pfft: :pfft:

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Saweet a young dude like me hah.

Yeah ive had the thought of bodybuilding, but it feels kinda vain for me hah.

Plus i dont know any bodybuilder dudes, or even been to a comp before so dont know how it is.

as for renewal. Have ta see lata. To be honest Im not much fan of that gym.

If u in after 7pm 2nite mite c u there cuz haha.

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Hey :grin:

I was thinking about once we get some peepz together and talk about how's best we can get support thorugh Maori Health organisations, or anywhere actually!!! Sponsor a training uniform to promote their messages etc.... train as a team when possible, target al categories within a competition, aim for national titles and make sure we make our mark when we do hit a comp. I'm not talking about just jumping on stage for the experience, I'm talking about winning!!! walk on and have won just by walking on!!! giving the judges no doubt that you deserve to win!!

Maybe within our networks we can source some professional peepz to offer us advice re; Diet, training, motivation..... all that kind of stuff!!!

That means time in the gym!!!! clean diet 100% of the time!!!! it will take alot of commitment!!! but if your ready then lest get the ball rolling!!!!!

No time like the present!! We can map out 2008, set individual targets and the best way to get there is with support and encouragement!! you know how we Maori do's it!!!! Whanau styles!!!!

So if your on the fence about it get pff and lets do it!!!

If your interested, PM me and we can organise a "hui" :discussion: and just get talking, you can just come for a jack if you want, have a listen. I also don't see myself as the Chief :naughty: or anything, this will be something that the group decides what is best for the team!!!

So yeah people!!! even if you guys from outta town know of anyone in Hams who you think might be interested but is not on the Site the more the better!!!

Kia ora!!!!

Take care :wave:

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