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skipping rope to cut up

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I know many of many folks who try skipping for that short intense cardio workout. I could myself could never skip longer than 5 minutes! But it definitely must be a good workout..just ask any boxer. I am just guessing here..but maybe the reason why many bodybuilders don't skip is that they carry a lot of mass and it might be uncomfortable having all that muscles jiggling and bouncing all over the place. But let us know how it works for you and you mght get a few converts!

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I did some skipping early out from my comp, I liked it, was a change from the norm. Use a heart rate monitor to keep in fat burning zone if you can, and music playing makes it easier, that and varying the types of skipping, ie side to side, hoping,running, double jumping back and foward ... do different skips every 1-2 mins to keep your brain awake and if you can do it with someone else - you can talk and laugh at each other when you trip on the rope from time to time ... or is that just me? :shock:

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Hi there,

I do heaps of skipping. Along with punch-bag it’s amongst the best and cardio one can undertake.

It’s also a highly efficient use of ones time.

Here’s some things you may want to look at as you build stamina with the rope and make it more interesting.

- 30 seconds skipping, 15 seconds rest for 10 minutes

- Use a walkman, mp3 player with some beat driven music

- 30 seconds skipping in between weight sets

- Start slow rotations for 15 seconds then get faster & faster for the last 15


One thing you’ll find with rope work is time goes fast and just 20 minutes will get the sweat pouring off you.

Do a search on google under ‘mixed martial arts training’ and I’m sure your find some great routines.

See ya.


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