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Why Do We Use Steroids?

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June 29th, 2007

- The truth the facts!

The question is basically simple; why do we use steroids? The answer is as simple; they assist the body in attaining the physiques that we crave for. That’s it period!

The knowledge has been given to us and we have used it. Why wait around for ten years when we can safely boost the bodies normal growth levels.

One guy told me that he had been training for over ten years and had stayed the same for the last four. What a waste.

Okay, looking at the ethics that are involved here; yeah, I suppose that in a competition where 50% of the participants are not on the “gear” and the other 50 are, the ones that use will most certainly have the upper edge, of that there is no doubt. BUT this is 2003 for God’s sake, the question that we ask ourselves is, “Who isn’t?”

- Don’t push meeee!

If forced, boy could I prove that most of our top athletes, footballers, rugby players, (name the sport if you like), use the gear.

The point to note here is that they would be monitored by their coaches regularly, in order that maximum usage was utilised.

Mr. Joe Public turns up at his local G.P., and asks that he would wish to use steroids under medical supervision. I can guarantee that 9 out of ten will be told the same story, “You must not use them, they will kill you”, or “They will cause you liver cancer”.

My favourite one was when a fellow bodybuilder popped into his local health centre and asked the same story. He was given every bad story that was related TO HIS (the doctor’s), knowledge.

My friend then asked him to clarify - he could not! He then asked if the doctor could even say what the steroid did. His answer was so simple it was unreal. He did not know, simple!!

- Proof?

I would like to say that I do not intend to pull the medical fraternity down, no way. What I do say is that just you tell me how much evidence you have to prove your theories.

Absolutely naff all!

For all the assumptions, you have nothing. No evidence, no proof and literally no idea as to the real dosages and cycles that a bodybuilder could take.

I want to know why? Well this is simple as well. I have used the gear, tested it, competed with it, trained highly successfully on it WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER!

The reason that I have had no problems is because I have never abused it using steroids.

Most sensible bodybuilders, and I stress the word sensible very strongly know just how much to take; when to come off, when to return to the next course and also what safety aspects to initiate.

Believe me, we do know. I can even tell you that of all the steroids that I have used in my career have been A1. Top Hole, absolutely numero UNO.

I can guarantee this to myself because every one is tested properly by a brilliant Bio-Chemist friend. The tests include High Pressure Liquid Chromaography; Mass Spectroscopy and last but certainly not least, Ultraviolet Absorption Spectroscopy.

For those not in the know; the first test refines the sample, the second identifies the molecular weight of the compounds and the final test is to literally test to see if it is actually what it is.

Now tell me this, do I want to get it right for myself or not? I think that if I am prepared to go that far, the question needs answering, “Do I see it as a drug problem or do I want to improve my physique the safest way possible?” The first is a no no, the second an absolute definite!!

- No Problemo!

There is no drug problem with steroids! There will be though if the government changes the law (in the UK). What will happen? Well for a start, the counterfeiters will have a field day. They will be producing absolute crap from tin baths, garages you name it, they will do it.

Sterility will go out of the window and people will get hurt. That is without doubt. Advice will NOT be freely given, people will stay schtumm, and then some!

The drug problems that we have to worry about are the ones that addict from day one. The key word here is KILL, and steroids have NOT been linked to any direct deaths, the hard drugs have built up numbers that cannot be counted, literally.

This society where hypocrisy and double standards tend to be the norm, we forget the fact that we are surrounded with LEGAL drugs that kill more people in one day that steroids will in centuries. Cigarettes and booze, stand up and be counted! I rest my case.

- Research?

The total arse holes who chase every thing that can be said bad about steroids, are not prepared to come out in the open and say anything good about them.

This is because that just do not know what they are actually talking about in the first place. One newspaper article wrote once that they suspected that a certain athlete had been accused of using THE steroid in competition. They had not even researched enough to realise that there might be more than one!

Fair enough! Why are the powers that be NOT prepared to come up with the funds to finance experiments into research to be totally sure that what they say is fact.

All that they can do is start their comments with the following phrases: “Should there be a problem”, “If evidence is produced”, “There may be facts to back up etc”, “If per chance” and they go on and on.

Not one of them definites, not one person prepared to commit - I am!

Bodybuilders do not see their choice to use the gear as a problem. What they are more concerned about is getting the right advice and as often as possible in order that any problems that arise can be dealt with quickly. If advice is minimal, then problems, will arise, boy will it.

For a start, injecting in itself can be awkward and frightening. One guy came to see me and asked which vein should he inject into as it was his first instance, the steroid that he obtained from his source was absolutely crap, totally rubbish.

It turned out to be harmless actually, as most counterfeits are, but it could have gone the other way.

The worst of it was that as a total beginner, I told him that if he had injected into a vein in the manner that HE THOUGHT that he had to, he would have been dead within minutes. That is no bull, no way.

This guy was scared. In the end, he opted for an oral which was much less toxic, added all the safety back ups, increased his vitamin supplements and has done extremely well. No problems whatsoever. In actual fact, he achieved what he wanted and now uses very little if at all.

- Nolvadex?

Not all steroids are the same. There are many that are much more powerful than others.

The problem with the heavier ones is that they can hold much more water than the lower androgenic steroids and by this water retention being held, the physique takes on a bloated look.

The blood pressure can increase as a side effect which is the main problem. This is easily remedied with the addition of Nolvadex/Tamoxifen which counteracts the water retention properties of the steroids and although it is not a cure, can prevent what we call in the bodybuilding world as “Bitch-Tits”, technical name Gynecomastia.

Anyone needing further information on this side effect can contact with no problem. It is easily remedied if Nolvadex is used.

The main point to note here is that although there is no addictions compared to those of the harder drugs, the addiction that is apparent is the fitness aspect.

Many can be addicted to training in itself WITHOUT the use of gear, but the addiction of steroids into the training lifestyle only adds to the perfection that can be achieved when steroid therapy is administered safely.

If we can do this under medical supervision, privately I might add, then we could not only register every trainer, but produce revenue at the same time. Lets face it, the government gets paid for everything else so why not on these points.

- Finale!

Finally, I would like to have given a few pointers out of specific side effects but the enormous task of actually putting the main points of evidence for the defence over are quite vast and extremely important if we are to look at this subject from all angles.

In the meantime, if you require any detailed information on any of the steroids and methods in use today, The “Laymans Guides to Steroids” will most definitely be essential reading - that I can most certainly guarantee! SEE YA!!

Train Hard,

Mick Hart.

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Steroids are used routinely in medicine including for the treatment of any muscle wasting including cancer, treatment of severe burns (anavar), etc., etc. Anabolic steroids are also prescibred routinely for hormone replacement therapy.

Dbol has been used for years since the 1950's and was originally prescirbed to women as a general tonic and pick-me up.

Take out the debate regarding the ethics of competition of steroid use, then one is only left with issues of either 1)the abuse of steroids, or the 2) dangers of over prescibing these drugs or safety issues re: injecting steroids.

Steroids can also be very benficial for healing (as stated previosuly re: anavar and burns), and from personal; experience long term injuries which I have had for more than 20 years have only be able to be healed with steroid usage.

Other debates re: steroids are emtional based. Take for example debate of say using supplemnts like Tribulis vs steroids. Steroids as medicines have well defined indications, counter-indications, dosgaes, toxicity levels, half life etc etc. Does anyone have scientific evidence of such metrics for supplements like Tribulis? In other words, when we look at raw hard facts, testosterone in its various forms as well as other drugs (used in conjuntion with gear), are in fact quite safe if used properly and sensibly.

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