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Bodybuilder fights addiction in jail


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Jun 13, 2007 http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/425826/1181330

A champion bodybuilder addicted to steroids is fighting to get private help for his drug problems in prison.

Corrections says Justin Rys, convicted for importing drugs and money laundering, is due for treatment in 2012 but experts say he may be dead by then and needs help now.

The former Mr Oceania, given five years to live after years of steroid abuse, has been blocked from getting private therapy in prison.

Rys is still fighting his addiction while locked up in Rimutaka Prison.

"If he doesn't get the right programme he will continue using steroids," says alcohol and drug counsellor Roger Brooking.

Corrections' own research shows Rys isn't alone, with 83% of inmates having a problem with alcohol or drugs and eight out of 10 admitting they used drugs or alcohol just before committing crimes.

Rys has himself paid Brooking to come to prison twice for drug assessment but prison authorities stopped the visits because they were not court ordered.

"Here's a guy that's trying hard to get help for himself and the Corrections Department will not allow it," says Brooking.

In a statement Corrections said: "If Mr Brooking applies to the prison through the correct channels then he will be able to allowed to provide counselling services to Rys."

But Brooking says he has already applied and was told he couldn't see Rys. When ONE News passed this on to Corrections they issued a second statement saying if Mr Brooking was to reapply then he could see Rys.

Corrections says it is committed to preparing prisoners for release and Rys is due for in-house drug counselling in 2012. But Rys's supporters say that is too little too late because he already has a heart condition caused by the steroids and he will die.

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Bit weird how the Corrections department won't allow his Drug Counsellor to help him out in prison blink.gif

Weird enough thay you might think there is more to the story than is reported. I read he is also waiting the result of an appeal agains his sentance.

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I am not sure where to go with this. Its hard to see who is right and who is wrong. I am with Deegee with there is more to this story then is being let out. I do strongly feel though that the prisoner should be given the opportunity to get the therapy he needs. Having said that. I know the NZ government is one of the kindest and fairest in this planet. Hence I think there is more to this story.

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Bit weird how the Corrections department won't allow his Drug Counsellor to help him out in prison blink.gif


Corrections have their own Drug Counsellor's available and A&D programmes to all inmates.

What he wanted was his own outside Counsellor who he supposedly was going to pay for and as i believe this person was not in the Corrections System.


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