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5 day workout


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what are the best muscles to work together in 1 training session, i do..

Monday: Chest, tries and abbs

tuesday: back and bies..i dont work my traps with my back

Wendsday: Sholders, traps and abbs

thursday: Legs

friday: Bies, tries and abbs

would this be a good training method?? and also is this overtraining??

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That's not a bad split, mate. I'd make two changes, but it's probably not critical...

- Even though you're not working them directly, shoulders and traps will still be getting a slight hit through your back workout. So I try not to put shoulders next to back day.

- Same with abs, really. When you do squats, the abs are really important as stabiliser muscles, so I like to make sure they're nice and fresh. I'd drop them from the Wednesday workouts. I don't think you really need to do them 3 times a week - as I say, they'll get a bit of work through squats anyway. Just do do weighted exercises so you fail at 12-15 reps. None of this silly 100-rep stuff!

It's quite similar to what I'm doing at the moment.

Mon: Back

Tue: Chest

Wed: Legs

Thur: Shoulders / Traps

Fri: Arms

As for overtraining... could be, but provided you get your diet sorted, it should be fine for a bit. I wouldn't stay on it longer than 8 weeks though.

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yes but i have a solution to that. i go for about a 3-4k run every say....2 or 3 days. just to keep my fitness up. i no its not as effective as weight training but itl do for me as i wont to focus mainley on upperbody strength

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