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Sup Guys. Add me on msn :)


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Hey guys.

Im new to this forum,

I normally post on bb.com, has heaps of mint info on there, and damn cheap supplements, I just made a post about supplements actually now ;)

Im 18 Years of age, and want to start going hardout bodybuilding, but as well as have fun.

I will be pretty strict, but not overally strict, always getting on it on a saturday and going to town or something like that haha, ;)

Anyways think I may talk to a few of you a bit later on, If anybody wants to talk I would really appreciate it as I am still a Newbie but I want to make some nice gains, and make sure that I am RIPPED by Summer, about 10% BF or something would be nice.

add me nv_my_bass@hotmail.com



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Hello and welcome SparxXx. We are all newbies in bodybuilding here (I happen to think bodybuilding is an evolving sport and there is no such thing as someone who knows everything). even experienced professionals have newbie questions and newbies know experienced answers sometimes. Anytime a question is posed here, everybody benefits so please feel free to ask any questions that you might have.

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sorry bro - but I dont think youre going to get ripped drinking piss my friend.

The main dangers are the high salt and mineral content. The high salt content usually does not pose a problem if the urine is sufficiently diluted and not consumed in mass quantities. The effect of the high salt may be mitigated by drinking some water after consuming urine. The urine may be diluted if the person whose urine will be consumed drinks some water (or diet soda, see below) an hour or so before the act.

Since artificial sweeteners are excreted in urine, consuming artificial sweetener before urine play can lend a sweet taste to the urine. Drinking diet soda, or other beverages containing artificial sweetener, before urine play will have the dual effect of diluting the urine and sweetening it. However, if the taste of sugar is detected in an individual's urine, and it is known that artificial sweetener has not been consumed, this may be a sign of diabetes and a doctor should be consulted.

The participants should use caution or avoid drinking urine if one or both of them are taking vitamin or mineral supplements or medication, since many of these are excreted in urine.


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sorry bro - but I dont think youre going to get ripped drinking piss my friend.


yea well not every weekend once ina whiles all good but i wouldnt do it while i was trying to get lean, just in the off season

Yeah nah definately once in a while is algud bro - but yeah thats the key word....offseason...

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Yeah what would you guys call the off season?


And get ripped hard for summer? Thats what I would be doing..

Yeah I feel better not drinking as often to tell the truth.. I would rather watch my gains... haha

I only drink to get drunk pretty much though, I wouldnt have one beer, because that would be just a waste, I would'nt feel it, but just all that extra calories.

What you guys reckon?


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