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Whey Protein Alert its going up


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Whey Protein Alert

Brace yourself for some huge hikes in the price of Whey protein. There is a world wide shortage of Whey Protein, due in part to increased consumption in China and lack of production in Australia due to drought. Although this may be good news for our dairy farmers in increased milk payouts it's bad news for athletes. Already we are seeing price increases of between 20% to 30%. :evil: :evil: :evil:

So if you have spare cash get in and buy up now

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We think we've got it bad, but spare a thought for the poor Chinese...

Noodle crisis - government steps in

5:00AM Thursday July 05, 2007

BEIJING - A Chinese city has slapped price controls on its most famous dish - a homely bowl of beef noodles - after an outcry from residents.

Lanzhou locals have been alarmed at the increase in prices. Rising beef and flour costs have almost doubled the cost of a large bowl to 5 yuan (84c).

"Since June, soaring rises in the price of noodles have left residents feeling helpless," a China News Service report said.

In a return to old-fashioned price controls, the city government has ruled that a big bowl can cost no more than 2.5 yuan, and a small bowl 2 yuan.

"Violators will be severely punished," the rule warns.


I reckon we need government intervention to put a cap on the price of dairy products. Violators should be severely punished.

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