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VPX Redline RTD


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VPX Redline is a fat burner and is only available in RTD from NZ from NZMuscle.co.nz.

I'm a sucker for energy drinks. Red Bull doesn't cut it anymore.

Here's the ingredients

Proprietary Blend: less than 20%

Caffeine Citrate

Caffeine Anhydrous

EvoburnTM (Pure Evodiamine)


Yerba Mate

Green Tea



Yohimbine HCL (Banned in Australia)

Sweetened with Sucralose

Total Carbohydrates 0g

Essentially a mix of fatburners and well-being additives.

The can says it's R18 and suggests trying half a can first to test reaction.

I kept a log.

1.30pm First dose = half a can of Redline.

Tastes kinda fruity.

No immediate effects apart from a pretty mild "waking up" sensation.

1.35 My insides feels floaty.

1.45 Mild headache - lasts for 3 minutes

1.52 Feel pretty alert. Have an urge to get up from my desk and go for a walk. Feeling more intense as time passes.

1.56 Getting ready for other half can at 2pm. Still feeling great.

2.02 Consumed rest of the can. It's got a rather sickly sweet aftertaste.

2.04 Hot damn! Body's getting warmer and it feels like there's a motor running inside me.

2.05 VERY alert.

2.17 Still up. Effects are lessened when walking around but once one sits down the machine catches up. Feels like I've been on a cycle for 5 minutes, but without the fatigue.

2.19 Fingers crossed the downswing isn't as big as the upswing.

2.35 Feeling toasty. Still up and at em. Going to have some food now.

3.04 Still jumping off the walls.

3.11 Body feels a little shivery

3.27 Starting to come down a little.

4.09 Still feeling the effects. At the mo' it's about as buzzy as a Red Bull.

4.55 No big drop. Wonder if I'll sleep tonight. Taken NO Xplode for 5.20pm workout. Arms, here I come!

The NO Xplode was great BTW :-)

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I bought a 4 pack for $22.95.

Doesn't take an accountant to realise that $5.73 a bottle isn't viable unless you've a large bank balance.

Concentrate is available on bb.com for $30/120ml (30 servings).

The RTD's are available as a 24pack for $60.

The pills are $50/20 servings.

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Having talked to a few retailers recently it seems NZ Customs are cracking down on thermos that contain banned ingredients. Highly likely products like this will not be available at all here soon.

Which is a bit of a shame as I really enjoyed downing a redline and charging round New York for five hours in January earlier this year. I found the effects diminished the other times I used it to the point where it had little to no effect.

Another point is that my stomach was very unsettled the first time I drank it, which the dude at GNC warned me about when I drank it. He said if you are sensitive to caffeine then not a good idea to use it, nor would it be if you take anti-depression medication.

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Wow - Redline was the BB.com Energy Supplement of the year in 2005.

Next stop - BSN Endorush.

As far as I know, that's the end of the line. There's other drinks in the states which are simply Caffeine explosions like the Wired X range - Wired X505 has 505mg of Caffeine.

If it came in Red Bull size (250ml) it would have 2.2 times as much caffeine.

New Zealand Food Standards authority restricts drinks from having more than 80mg/250ml so we're not going to taste it unless we travel.

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The blurb for Redline talks about a "shivering" experience.

It's exactly how it is.

After 3 Redlines over the last 2 weeks, it's definitely a characteristic. THe body goes cold, much like the feeling of a flu onset.

Hmmm - I can only assume it's a sign of good thermogenesis?

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