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2007 Taranaki Champs


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As the Contest Organiser for this years Taranaki Champs I am reminding all potential competitors nice and early to pencil in November 3rd on their calendar. This year I am hoping to have a large prize up for grabs. It is early days yet and a number of details to work out but how does a trip to the 2008 Melbourne Pro show sound? Everyone who enters the Taranaki Champs will go in the draw and that is what I am working on. The Taranaki show is only 2 weeks after the Nationals. Am hoping to have some other great prizes as well. I also intend to have a rather large dude guest posing as well. Can you guess who? More details later. Cheers. Phil Kuklinski. NZFBB Executive member and first time Contest Organiser.

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That trip sounds like a bit of me mate, you open to bribes :pfft:

Just joking but seriously that is impressive! :shock:

The Taranaki champs will be the first qualifier for the 2008 nationals also, so if some of you guys can hold on to for that couple of week it might be well worth it. :grin:

I guess it could be one of these two Mike K, Toni L. 8)

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Excellent, Phil! That trip to Aussie next year will be well worth having (I've been to watch 3 Aussie Pro shows and they are amazing!) ... I might have to get myself in shape and compete to be in with a chance of winning that prize! :lol: Just kidding, but I will be there on Nov 3, to help out with the show.

OK - you are organising the event, so I assume the "rather large dude" is not you doing your gladiator guest-posing routine again!? :pfft:

Hmm - Tony L or Mike D .. that's a very educated guess, Dumbelldog. Perhaps Moe M might be another contender?

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Excellent, rigger, I too am really looking forward to my 4th visit to your wonderful region to compete!

I'll also be there to help out behind the scenes, and I'm hoping to drum up as much interest from competitors here in the Wellington region to join me for the trip north. I'll do a bit of "recruiting" from those competing at Nationals and see if we can get a good team to travel up.

My training partner and I will be driving up, so if anyone else on this site is in the Wellington region and perhaps wanting to join us the trip up, let me know.

I know the show will be a blast as usual, but rigger - just make sure there is at least one pizza place open late on the Saturday night and there is plenty of Jack Daniels in stock at the function venue! :nod:

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OK people just a reminder, it's all on this saturday in New Plymouth, the Taranaki champs. I have had enquiries from all over the country and it's shaping up to be a great show. Remember there are no Taranaki Champs next year as the Coromandel has now got a show. So be sure to get along. Current Mr NZ Mike Debenham will be guest posing and the hot hot Taranaki cheerleaders will be doing an item as well.

There are some great prizes up for grabs and a goodie bag for all competitors with a whole range of nice things in it.

We will be having an after party at the venue in the upstairs lounge area so competitors, judges and spectators and supporters can mix and mingle.

I wish all competitors the very best in their final days preparation and we will see you all there for the weigh in Friday between 6 to 8pm and then the Contest saturday. Cheers, Phil K.

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Last time i was at the Taranaki Champs was in 1999 where i won the heavy and overall title. I had a BALL of a time, was treated so well by all, and meet some really cool people, If you are thinking of going for a look....by all means do!

Regards Mike Debenham 2007 Overall Mr NZ

(ps I have had a few muffins since nationals ;-) )

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Thanks to all who took part in the Taranaki champs. It was an interesting experience as a first time organiser. Straight back to work for me on monday and I had an exam to sit and pass as well so been rather busy. When I get the chance I will post up all the results and they should be on the NZFBB website as well. The venue people at the TSB showplace told us for a bodybuilding show it was the most tickets they had ever sold. So great support for the show. Cheers. Phil K.

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