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I was watching fair go last night and the topic of a power lifter that is getting charged extra for his life insurance, becuase he is a health risk. they based the categorisation directly on his BMI (36) when the line they drew in the sand was <30. came to an interesting point, and that is if anyone weighs more than around 85 kg and is 175-178cm tall they are considered a health risk the same as someone who smokes, drinks, does P, and is over weight. The insurance companies need to sort this out with pressure being placed by their customers. They need to realise that the BMI is only suitable for non athletes, and that body fat % is a clearer dictator of an individuals health.


saw Jamie on the show, showing off in the back ground. look out for him in the next comp, he's going to take it piece of piss

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Yes BMI is obviously based on a "normal" persons muscle mass and takes no account of those with above average muscle mass. As we know muscles are healthy tissues!

I hope not all insurance companies are working with the BMI without any thought or further investigation into body types.

Of course it make you think in the future larger people could get charged more for other services too. With humans getting bigger and most because of obesity, I have seen articles where large airline passengers are given two seats. Its not out of the question that before u fly they might want to weigh you in and charge accordingly.

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body fat % is a clearer dictator of an individuals health.

I'ts a load of crap ain't it, I agree with the BF% that must be a more accurate indicator. But in saying that what about those really skinny people out there that eat shit don't exercise they are no healthier than someone a "little" over weight. :shrug:

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According to that my BMI is ~28. It's funny how clueless people are about BMI... Earlier in the year we did body composition in PE. My BMI came out at 26-27 and my PE teacher was trying to make me feel alright about myself for being 'overweight'. :? And lol, I'm should be 72kg if I want to be in the middle of the normal range.

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