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Hi everyone - New guy - training crusade


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Hi everyone,

I'm new to body building have previously just been working out for sport and health. However sports injuries have led to more intense weight lifting and i'm enjoying it more and more.

I'm 6'4 and a bit, weigh 83 kg and am 12% body fat (That has probably gone down as hockey season has been in full swing for a while now). I try to stick to multijoint movements in my training - I find them better as I'm very long and lean and have pretty weak joints.

Here's a look at what i do, i would love some feedback as all the boys at uni i train with are rugby players and are pretty sports specific.

I superset alot of my exerises with others to lift the intensity for example:

1. Bench with Pull ups

2. Squats with Shoulder presses

3. RG chins with diamond pressups

Those are just a few..

The exercises I usually get into are...

Legs - Calf Raises, Bent legged Deadlifts, Squats (mainly 4 x 6-8)

Shoulders -lateral raises and isolateral shoulder press (5x6 for both)

Back - Wide grip chins, Back extensions (25 chins, 3x10 extension 10kg plate)

Chest - BB bench press, Incline DB press, Bent over Cable Flies ( 5x6, 3x6, 3x10)

Arms - RG Chinups, Diamond press ups, Preacher curls, tricep extensions (3x8-10 for all)

Abs - Prone holds, Swiss Ball kneels, Med ball crunchees, knee raises, decline med ball throws and lots more - usually in circuits.

Anyway thats a bit about me and what I do, I look forward to hearing what you think.

Cheers :)

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What's with all these tall people here?! I never thought my 6'0 was particularly short, but I'm starting to wonder... :P

Raptor, that looks like a great range of exercises. No real problems there at all. My only question is for shoulders - personally, I'd need much more volume than you've got there, but you may be able to get away with that. Some people's shoulders seem to grow at the slightest touch, but mine require lots of attention.

Is the isolateral shoulder press a machine? They're great for learning the ropes, and for a bit of variety now and then, but you want to consider swapping some free weights in instead. Try a DB military press.

Good to have you here. :)

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Hello Raptor and welcome! I am sure a lot of good people here will be able to help you with training advice. Feel free to ask any questions, especially detailed ones. There are many folks here who have walked the path that you are walking so you can get a lot of first hand experience. Welcome again!

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Hi there,

I do DB Military bit but do some strength cycles on the isolateral machine (a machine press with seperate weight stacks for each arm). I find i get alot stronger on my military after doing this for a while as I can lift a lot more weight on it.. 30kg dumbells military and 40-50kg's on the isolateral.


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