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Hi everyone


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Caught up with a mate a while back who is doing his first comp in 16 weeks - Inspired me to start training, so my plan is to do one, I thought I would give myself 12 months -

I'm 6'1, currently 102kg - BF probably around 20%

Will get measurements and BF tested today at the gym..

Will post a pic and my diet, would welcome your feedback - cheers

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good on you! I did my first comp earlier this year and plan on doing another couple later this year actually I think it is 17 weeks to go now. It was an awesome experience. Highly recommend it to anyone with the motivation to give it a go.

Look forward helping where we can.

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Well this is me...and my start point, crappy photo but will give you an idea..

My Measurements are,

Chest 120cm

Shoulders 138cm

Waist 97cm

Right Quad 65cm

Right Bicep 41cm

Forearm 33

Bodyfat came in at 20.3 using callipers and 19.7 on Tanita scales..

Get my diet tomorrow - As I said I have given myself 12 months to get into shape..will post diet and training when I can...cheers



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Hey Cap'n!

Looking good bro! Nice pics!

How's the diet going? Hope you're following the plan!

Me and Fergie just registered so we will be keeping up to date with your progress! He is currently chopping up numerous chicken breasts :)

Hope to catch up with you on Saturday at the Auckland champs


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