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channel 1 on now!!!

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yeah turnd out be bit o wasta time i think. they were on 3.5 mg per kilo bodyweight... that would be for the whole six weeks in total wouldnt it?

so it was very low dose didnt hear any talk of them being on a high protein diet , and the weight resistance training seemed minimal.

9 were on it 9 werent and 6 were on other stuff like creatine(that clown had 20 grams in one small glass of water, he was on the shitter for the rest of the day :lol: others were on caffeen pills and colostrum ,also psudephedrine pills...... the conclusion was that taking gear may give you a slight advantage of winning gold medal at the olympics.. and on the downside you may pay for it by way of loss of quality in health.

bit of a let down i felt i was looking forward to them going hard with the weights eating well and being on a proper cycle but that did not happen :evil:

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