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Fat loss !!!


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im looking for pills , effective ones (relatively). Im using NFS Slimfast (with BZP) doesnt work at all! I thought it should work since it seems pretty strong, only need one cap a day. Obviously, i was wrong... im thinking about trying something else. Any recommendations? Oh, btw, ive searched online, found a website talking about stack supplements together to formulate own weight loss pills, anyone heard of this???

Here is the link for all kinds of fat loss pills, Plz advise !!


Appreciate ur expertise

:wink: :wink: :nod:

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Hydroxycut (both the old eph forumla and the new)


Liqid carnatine





from reading your earlier posts, you need to understand the pills are only effective if you sort the basics first. you can cram as much artificial stuff as you want in to yourself, but if you dont eat right and train right, you are just pissing away $50+ at a time. theres a lot better things to spend your money on, perhaps a PT session, or whatever else your into.

unless of course you want to get yourself hooked on P, that will sort you out...might not help your training...but you'll be skinny.

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i agree with phantom. ive read your workout log and your difficulty with food. Im sorry to say there is no miricle pill or formula to make you loose the weight, you need to cut the junk and eat real clean food.

id spend the money you are using on these pills to consult a nutrtionist and find an eating plan and foods that you can stick to.

sorry if this is comming off harsh but theres no short cuts im affraid. if there was everyone would look good!!

so hope this helps you and any information i can provide you with please dont hesitate to ask :)

you can start by recording everything you eat over the next 3 days, and portion sizes. dont modify your eating for the 3 days and then post it up or PM me it and i can break it down to what needs to be changed.

let me no :)


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