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Hey everyone


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This looks like a great site so I thought I'd join. I'm 23, male, ectomorph (~76kg, 190cm tall)

I just joined the local gym a few months back but have worked out on/off before at home since I was about 17. I've only ever made small gains but now realize 2 things were missing: intensity + diet.

I consider bodybuilding to be a pretty hard thing to do, at least for me as a lot of work is needed for even for the smallest gains.

I don't mind putting in the work but I want to make sure I'm on the right track so my efforts aren't wasted.. I guess that's part of the reason I've joined here.. to get read up and get some advice :)

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hi, and welcome. i think you will find alot of useful information on this site and dont be shy in asking questions.

if you are an ectomorph i think diet, mainly getting enough calories through the right foods is really important in your training. read through the articles on food and see if that gives you an idea of the types of foods you should be eating. then if its still unclear just ask mate some one will be more then happy to help.

remember good things take time, keep at it. :)


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Good to have you here, man. As one fellow ectomorph to another, I can tell you that you're spot on with the importance of diet. When that's right, you can make awesome progress. Be careful though - it's a common mistake, but being an ectomorph doesn't give you license to eat junk... ectos can still get fat!

Anyway, let's get down to business. What does a typical day's eating look like for you?

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Anyway, let's get down to business. What does a typical day's eating look like for you?

Still not eating as much as I should but it's better than before... I guess it's about finding the balance. At the moment, I think my diet is a bit to clean to get enough calories.. and I probably need a bit more protein too.

Fairly typical day:


peice of fruit

2 pieces of toast with honey + peanut butter

bowl of rice porridge



homemade nut bar or similar


noodles + tofu [or] pasta [or] rice/meat [or] tuna/patato patties


dido lunch meals [or] some other meat + carbs meal.

around 8pm, During Workout: small bottle fruit juice + half scoop rice protein

around 9pm, Post-Workout: shake (rice protein/banana/berries/rice milk)

about half-1 hr before bed

smaller 2nd serve of dinner [or] whatever I can find (peanut butter on cracker etc)

That's pretty typical, when I look at it, it doesn't look to be that much really! I have reasonably big serves though (always eat till I'm full) I try to have eggs on toast at least once/twice a week now.

The time that I think I need to eat more is mid-morning and mid-afternoon to keep it constant.

Supplements: I take a multi-vitamin, 2 salmon oils daily and have just started taking 2 flax oil daily.

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