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4 differnt suppliers of gear are allowed





Most NZers use Titan, with Inzer cominig second and Metal making third.

Metal is Finnish while the other three are USA.

The distributor for Titan here is Tonka http://www.pacificbarbenders.co.nz/

Shirts, Squat Suit and Wraps will give you about 40 to 80kgs depending.

Wraps about 5 - 10kg

Shirt 10 to 30kg

Squat Suit 15 to 30kg

You should start out with not so tight gear maybe a Superior Squat Suit to start till you get use to it. Maybe a loose shirt as you do not have anyone around you to help with the gear you should try and fin a few other PLs to help you.

Talk to Reuben

OB 8)

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Thanks again, OB. :nod:

I'm looking at getting used to a Victor and then having a go at the Centurion later in the year. Haven't thought about a shirt yet as I will probably up the raw bench a bit first before I consider what I'll get.

I emailed Reuben with this question, but if anyone here wants to answer it then feel free :): How do the sizes work?

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