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A BRISBANE couple with GH


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A BRISBANE couple have been fined more than $14,000 for illegally importing anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (HGH).

Glen John Purtell, 44, and Diane Lesley Shipway, 39, both of Albany Creek, pleaded guilty in Brisbane Magistrates Court to 22 counts of importing the substances.

They were fined $7,000 each plus courts costs.

Customs spokesman Richard Janeczko said charges against the couple were laid after two raids in Everton Hills and Albany Creek during which officers found 11 boxes containing a total of 110 vials of HGH.

Authorities had been alerted after a parcel from Portugal containing the hormones, which cannot be imported without a permit from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, was detected at the Sydney International Mail Centre.

On Monday this week, Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone was fined $2,975 in a Sydney court for bringing 46 vials of banned hormones into Australia and possessing four vials of testosterone for his own personal use.

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it seems that they are less tight than here though. melatonin is not a prescription medicine and GABA isn't a controlled substance

Melatonin is classified as an S4 drug and is prescription only in Australia. It is only available over the counter in homeopathic melatonin formula's i.e negligible dose.

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GABA can be metabolised into GHB in the body hence why GABA is banned. Although you'd have to take a bucket of it to get any effect half close to what you'd get from GHB. You can of course still find it under other names like Phenibut if you look hard enough.

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