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Where do you get your nutritional advice?


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As a matter of interest, we studied nutritional advice + bodybuilding last year (am final year nutrition now) and for sources of nutritional advice, nutritionists or dieticians weren't even in the top 5!! :P So just wanting to know what resources you all use to develop your nutritional plans? Cheers. :D

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I get it from various BB forums, some nutritionists, some experts in the field and from speaking with other fellow bodybuilders about the subject.

same, as long as it is free, were I to ever feel the need to compete then I would pay for advice I think, but for now free is best.

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Yep, I agree. Mostly through forums like this one, sometimes through people I meet (this includes supplement store salespeople, but only those I feel are knowledgeable!).

However, I definitely recommend going to see an expert if you're competing, or have a special case, like extreme obesity, food intolerances, etc...

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Yip im with everyone else.

Forums, my physio dude was a bodybuilder, so he gave me alot of information. And just people in general, i hear all sorts of stories, and been through a few trial and errors to see how things work.

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I write down every word that 2Guns says in my gold leather embossed BodyBuilding Bible.

I call it the 2Guns Tome.

I believe.

yr taking the piss right... :pfft:

Nah he's definately for real....Didn't you see him about 10 steps behind you on Queen St on Friday nite...he was stalking you hard - watching your every move LOL :pfft: :shock: :shock: :shock: :pfft:

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