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The best cycle of your life

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I got this from elite fitness


The best cycle of your life


A note before you read this. This is a lot of to read I know this, but I have seen so many posts on here lately from guys that are just starting out they really need some direction. Vets, you probably already have most of these concepts down and I thought I would just do my part to help some people out. Anything any vets want to ad go for it.

After doing some soul searching recently concerning all the aspects that are involved in becoming one big motherer I came to an epiphany of sorts. I know much of you are like me and you are consumed with getting bigger. You, like me read everything you can get your hands on about bodybuilding training, diet, supplements and drugs. Some of what we read is good, some of it is very bad and the majority of it is just the in between filler to make the magazines/ books thicker. My point here is, with so much information floating around why are there not more freaks running around on the streets. I sat down and really thought about this and realized that most of us are confused by the inundation of information we read and hear. We are always changing to the latest and greatest program, doing the so called super cycle and trying the diet of the week. When thinking about this critically I wondered what the top guys in the sport did to get where they are and I found one thing that was true with all of them. This truism was the fact that they are all consistent in everything they do. I was once told by a very important person in my life that success is not a sprint but instead a marathon. You have to think about the big picture and the long haul. People that are successful in life are the ones who just keep plugging away consistently at their goal with a purpose of succeeding in mind. I am sure you are wondering what the this has to do with me my cycle and my training. If I have not lost you yet I am going to explain my theory on what it takes to get massive. Here are my essentials to being the best bodybuilder you can be in this order:

1. Mental Attitude:

This is first and foremost the most important thing necessary to getting big. If you don’t have the proper attitude no amount of drugs or intense training will get you to the top. Bodybuilding is a sport of consistency. It is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week job and most people do not realize this or they are just kidding themselves. If you want to be serious about the sport you have to accept this fact. If you are dead set on competing you have to ask yourself can I make the commitment to do this month in, month out, year after year. Yes, I hate to burst your bubble, it takes years even decades to get to the top, not months. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you are going to run Ronnie Coleman’s secret training and drug program and be a pro in 1 year. Sorry brothers, it ain’t going to happen. I would bet my left nut that there is nothing so secret about what Ronnie does to get ready to compete for that fact. Nothing that the majority of us don’t already know, just that he is has the discipline to apply it day in day out.

Some of you may remember this and some of you may not, but once upon a time Ronnie was just another bodybuilder. Not a standout in the pro ranks by any means. What did Ronnie have that none of these other guys had? He had the intestinal fortitude to never give up no matter what adversity he came up against. He continued to work harder and harder than everyone else and he basically out worked the competition to the Mr. Olympia title. An example of this never die attitude is a good friend of mine who competed against Ronnie in the amateur ranks many years ago and placed second or third to him. You would think my friend would have been a pro by now Guess what, he isn’t. He told me he did not want to sacrifice what it took to be a pro and that it was too much work. He gave up!! Point in example of Ronnie’s mental attitude prevailing and my friends failure because of his attitude.

To many people blame their lack of success on genetics. Granted genetics do play a factor in the sport. In my opinion genes are not the be all end all and are more of an excuse for failure than anything. Take a look at a some pics of a lot of the pros in their formative years and tell me they had the genetics to be pro. Another example is Arnold. You can’t tell me Arnold was born with the genetics to be Mr. Olympia, the biggest box office success of his time, a top notch business man and a governor too. Come on, please! Arnold just had one thing that most people never realize. This is the belief that he can succeed at anything he does and he will stop at nothing to get there.

2. Consistency

Okay, I am not going to delve into this one to far since it goes along with mental attitude which we just talked about. You must be consistent in everything that you do in bodybuilding. Your training must be consistent, your diet must be consistent, your rest must be consistent, your supplementation must be consistent,,, etc… I am saying it again, bodybuilding is about making it over the long haul, day after day, month after month and year after year of being consistent results in a top physique. Enough said on that one!!

3. Attention to detail

This is a sport measured in minute differences between well conditioned competitors. Attention to the smallest detail can be what separates one guy on the stage from another. You will understand this more as I go on into the other aspects below. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean overanalyze everything you will drive yourself nuts but pay attention to the things that count.

4. Diet

I know many of you think that you have your diet down. Well, don’t fool yourself, I know I have. Have you ever written down and added up the nutritional values of everything you eat for months on end? Have you weighed and measured all of the portions of food that you eat through out the day? Well if not, then you are fooling yourself for sure and if you have I applaud you. For the majority of you who have not done these things it is a reality check, trust me. You find out that you are not eating as much protein as you thought, you find out how much junk you really eat in the span of a week, you find out your calories are to low etc. The bottom line here is attention to detail in your diet. If you don’t write down and weigh out what you eat how do you know what to change if you are not gaining weight? You got the answer. I really don’t know what I am doing wrong. You are right and you won’t know if you don’t track your diet. When you do write down and weigh everything you can make small tweaks as needed. Add another fifty grams of protein here, drop some carbs there, add an extra cup of oatmeal, the list goes on and on. I think you get the idea. Attention to detail, right! Most of us know the basics of a bodybuilding diet, how much protein to eat, what foods are good and what are not, so I am not even going to go into that. It all boils down to attention to detail and consistency with your diet. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but how many people actually follow through on this on a regular basis? If I was a betting man I would say not many. This all goes back to the attention to detail that I talked about earlier on. It is starting to make some sense now, don’t you think?

5. Training

I know there is a ton of training programs out there and people say this one is better that one does not work the debate goes on and on. I agree that there are programs that are much more productive then others. I am not going to get into my opinions on what works better and what does not. I know this can spark some major arguments and is not the whole point of what I am talking about. What I am going to do is give the basics that are required to make any program work to its fullest potential.

Okay the bottom line here is that what makes a muscle grow as far as training goes is progressive overload. This is the continual and gradual increase in intensity over the days, months and years that you train. What this translates into is increasing by one rep or adding five pounds each progressive workout. Basically, it boils down to always doing something more than you did before.

How do I insure progressive overload each and every workout? Well first off most guys don’t write down their workouts. I think my partner and I are the only ones I have seen at my gym who do it besides a few girls. Don’t laugh!! I know it drives me ing nuts at my gym to see guys doing the same weights and reps for years on end. What the hell are they doing and they are the same ones that ask me how I am getting stronger and bigger. My point here is if you don’t write down your workouts, how in the hell are going to know what you did the last workout. I know I can’t remember what I did yesterday much less how many reps I did on the incline bench last Thursday. So, in order to progress you must write down what you do and continually try to top your previous weights. Bottom line here is if you don’t increase and your weights and intensity progressively you will not grow, period. This is an example of attention to detail at its finest. So what if your buddies laugh at you for writing down what you do, it will be you who is laughing in the end.

Overtraining is another problem that I see spreading like a pack of horny roaches in my gym. I see knuckleheads who come in and do bench every day the workout and wonder why they are not seeing gains. Come on, get serious. Another thing, just because Markus Ruhl can do 40 sets for one body part does not mean you can and recover from it too. In order to grow all you need to do is overload the muscle more than you did in the previous workout. Bottom line here, there are some freaks out there that can grow from volume training but I am not one of them. I think some of these guys could grow from mowing their lawns. Listen to your body folks, if you are not growing try scaling back your volume and frequency a bit and avoid overtraining like the bubonic plague. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an excuse to workout like a .

Here is another thing I must emphasize about training. Basic compound movements are a must in your quest to get big, bar none. I am not saying that all the machines are bad, there are some great ones out there, but nothing can beat barbell rows, dead lifts and squats. It amazes me that I can count the number of dudes at my gym that I have seen doing dead lifts on one hand. No wonder I am one of the only guys with a big back. Out of the thousands of members there are at my gym only about 5 or 6 do dead lifts and two of them include my partner and myself. All I hear is excuses when it comes to these exercises. They hurt my back, blah blah blah blah. Don’t be a and just do them! They hurt everyone’s back.

Consistency with your training is another key. I don’t mean missing workouts. Most of us are sticklers on not missing. I am talking about picking one program and sticking with if for the better part of a year or indefinitely. How can you possibly expect to progressively increase your weights (i.e. overloading your muscle) if you are constantly changing your exercises. How the are you supposed to be a stronger dead lifter if you rotate this exercise out after a month or two. It is not going to happen jack! When you keep flip flopping things you never get stronger and not getting stronger means not getting bigger. Pick one thing and stick with you will see results! I don’t buy into this tricking the muscle bull either. All the muscle knows is stimulus and overload. Like it knows what the you are doing to it. Mr. Muscle says “hey Bob tricked me with those pulldowns today I must grow now”. Bottom line here is simplicity. Keep it simple stupid.

6. Money

Yep, fellas, this sport ain’t cheap. If you want cheap take up knitting or crochet. To do this sport the right way it takes money and a consistent flow of it for that fact. I am not saying it can’t be done on a tighter budget, but if you are in high school getting an allowance from your dad don’t bother planning your next cycle, save it. Lord knows some of my best training came in college when I was a broke ass motherer and completely natural. I would say currently it costs me somewhere on the average of 800 to a 1000 bucks a month to be involved in this sport. Half or more of that is just spent on food. Throw in these things on top of the food, reading material, some protein powders, vitamins, r-alpha lipoic acid, vitamins, creatine, glutamine and you are talking about some dough my brothers.

7. Sport Enhancement Drugs

One thing I want to get off of my chest first before this subject. If you have to hide your gear from your mother, please don’t bother. Save it until you are an adult and have gone through the ropes first. Get a few years of solid training under your belt first and read everything you can get your hands on in the meantime then make your decision.

Also, you young guys that think you are invincible, remember the super supplements are illegal and they will throw you in jail for using or selling them. Don’t think it can’t happen to you I have witnessed it first hand more than once. You have to weigh this risk out for yourself. To me, it is not worth it anymore, but that is for you to decide.

Alright with that said let’s move on to the topic at hand. I hate to ruin your dreams about being Mr. Olympia guys, but there is no secret stack or cycle that the pros are doing. Without all of the things mentioned above these guys would have never made it with or without drugs. Now granted, anabolics are an amazing thing, but still keep in mind they are not the be all end all. I saw an interview with Arnold one time where he said “we just considered steroids supplements along with taking vitamins an eating correctly”. Steroids and gh - growth hormone (somatropin) - can not change your work habits, they will not make you pay attention to detail and they don’t monitor your dietary intake. Only you can do these things.

I am a firm believer now that too many guys are trying to look for that perfect stack. Find one thing that works for you and stick with it. I believe that all cycles should start with a base of test and throwing some other compound in on top of it such as Equipoise - boldenone undecylenate - or Finaplix - trenbolone acetate - with liquidex or a comparable anti E. I think that is as basic as it gets, it won’t break your wallet and I guarantee that you will see results. Too many people are trying to frontload this drug, then switch to this one timing the half life of the ester when adding some mystery substance in the 4th week that the Bulgarian Olympic team used. Give me a ing break, it hurts my head to think about it. Keep it simple! If you have the financial resources throw in some gh - growth hormone (somatropin) - on top of your cycle too. You have to remember that GH is a long term commitment. One kit is not going to do jack for you. Many users say they don’t even notice a major difference until a year or more has gone by. Another thing just because some pro supposedly takes 2 or 3 grams a week does not mean you have to. I bet most of the pros probably sit back and laugh at what they are supposedly on. Two thirds of these guys are too broke to even afford what people suggest they are doing. If 750 mg’s gives you great gains then why risk your health and use more? When and if 750 mg’s stops working for you check out your training and diet first. If that is not the problem bump your dosages a little bit. Make gradual increases, you don’t need to do 2 grams a week when you are on your second cycle. Where are you going to go to in 5 years? 10 grams!

One last thought on doing a cycle properly. Make sure you have the money to do your cycle and you post cycle recovery correctly. Also, make sure you have everything on hand before you start. Nothing is worse than a little gynecomastia sneaking up on you and no Nolvaldex - tamoxifen citrate - on hand to take care of it.

A final not here guys. The reason I put performance enhancing substances last on my list is that I believe to many people use them as a crutch for their lack of discipline and attention to detail. If you decide you want to go the route of anabolic androgenic steroids’s make sure you have all the other intangibles in place first.

I hope this has been informative and helps some of you.

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