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INBA Women's Show cancelled ?


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This was posted on the GO FIGURE website this morning! Written by Lisa M

"INBA Women's Show cancelled - 2007/05/28 07:31

Its official ladies, the show which was to be held this Sunday has been cancelled. I got the official word from Peter Hardwick last night to confirm this. Its unfortunate the show has to be called off as I know there were a few girls training and dieting hard for this show. "

Such a shame, I knew 3 girls who were entering!

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eeek does that mean those girls will probly enter NZFBB Auckland champs?

Gosh I didn't even think of that .. but not to worry the ones I know of wouldn't be in your class (Nov Figure Tall? aren't you?).

Either way there is always Counties Manukau for the NABBA athletes in July too, so some may enter that instead.

But why are you worring? You're gunna do well :D

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TC: "why am i worrying? cos they will be all cut up now where as im still waiting for this to happen...tick...tick...tick haha. nah just syking myself out as per usual. "

Yes - they my be cut now, but their planning and timing has all changed ... they have to hold their form for longer (I think it'd be pretty hard) and you are still on target - which mentally and physically could put you at an advantage :nod: of course I would take a positve view of it - I'm not dieting down right now. But soon ... all to soon or not soon enough depending on my mind frame at the time, I will be dieting and cutting, untill then I just have to train hard and heavy (even if I feel soft and pudgy - he he).

I really don't think it'll have too much impact on your class - 1 maybe 2 more???

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yeah your right Evie, spose to be the best you gotta compete against the best!


And between you and me and everyone reading this, I wish my class had more competitors at the Aucklands - not too many mind you, would still want to say I placed :pfft:

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hardout u want ppl in yr class tths how u gauge how good u are.

if there is only like 2 in the junior class in 4 weeks im gonna go into novice 80-90kg so i have some competition. rather tht than waste all tht time dieting and preparing 2 have 2 in my class but will c on friday nite whn i enter

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yeah thats true. If there is between 4-7 in my class that'll do me fine, but no more! haha, otherwise il probly start stressing and you wont be able to get me on stage.

Who ever would have thought the mental game would be harder than the physical side of it. Never knew i had so much self doubt. stupid mind. :roll: Why cant i be one of those cocky sons of *Beep*

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