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I have seen the arguments for tappering or just sticking with the same amount, each have their valid points.

I think it is easier to stick with the same amount each week and not taper.

I wouldnt think 6 weeks was long enough either.

In the end you have to look at all the advice and research and go with what you think is right for you. as long as you have done that research you will be set.

Post up with what you decide to go for. I am sure many on here will be interested on hearing how it goes.

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Here is a beginners cycle for mass.

Deca 200 - 400mg per week for 8 weeks

Sustanon 250 - 500mg per week for 8 weeks

D-bol 30mg per day, six days per week for 6 weeks

This stack should produce good results for the steroid user looking for mass. Here the Deca should be 400mg for optimum effects, and the D-bol at the onset helps kick start the cycle while you are waiting for the longer acting Deca and test to take effect.

Nolvadex should be taken from week 2 to week 10

The dosage of D-bol may be divided out through the day and taken every 3-4 hrs as it has such a short half-life.

The guy selling the gear to you should be helping you with the cycle as taking sus on it's own is not very good as he is only looking for money and not what you want to gain.

you can PM me for help if you need it.

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personal exp:

my first cycle was a sustanon only cycle i only used one 10ml vial of genesis teston 250 (sustanon250)

week 1 250mg

week 2 250mg

week 3 250mg

week 4 500mg

week 5 500mg

week 6 250mg

week 7 250mg

week 8 250mg

i was 75kg when i started and after 8 weeks weighed 84kg i was lean when i started and finished just as lean my strength went through the roof and had awesome pumps. had a break for 4months b4 i cycled again and weighed 82kg when i began my second cycle.

i also used no pct just tribulis and creatine and no anti es were needed as my dose was lowish

everyones different though and wat worked for me might not work for u.

ive used 900mg test a week and found i can get the saem gains from 500mg (maybe the 900mg supertest is not as good as the 500mg enanthate... i dunno, sometimes u dont know wat u are buying so be careful also!)

my advice would be to do a lowish dose first cause if u can gain off that y waste yr money and risk getting gyno etc

ther is plenty of time for 750mg a week, u have years to go yet etc

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Samoan muscle: thanks, will stretch my cycle out longer then 6 weeks i think. The reaason i was going to taper in was to ensure i reacted ok to it before increasing to 500mg then taper out to ensure i didnt hormone crash to hard. Was just a personal theory so maybe im wrong!

You advice a solid 500mg then run my PCT straight after that?

Yeah do a 10-12 week cycle like marcus and 2Guns said.

I think the reason why some people like to taper out at then end of their cycle is because they think that they can trick their body into realising that the androgen level is dropping and and then it will begin to restore natural testosterone production. This is pretty much untrue - the body needs to recognize an androgen deficit rather than just a drop in dosage for it to start producing again. Even 250mg of test pw is enough to suppress you - I believe that the average male produces somewhere in between 11-18g of testosterone per day.

So really, all youre doing by tapering out is delaying the hormonal rebound. Just go cold turkey - the day after you finish your cycle - begin your PCT of ancillary drugs...

Hope that helps... :)

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thanks ethanator, i was thinking of running similar to the cycle you ran, i only want to get 5-10 kg from this cycle and look to keep it whihc is what you got.

Can you post up you stats: eg hieght, years training etc

For the record im 187cm, 91.5 kg, 13% (still in bulking cycle )

Thanks again all keep it coming

yeah those are the results i got, u may not get the same... basically i did very little research and got introduced to a guy and just did it! lol

b4 i started the cycle i weighed 74-75kg at bout 10% bf. i had just turned 19 at the time. my height was and still is around 174-5cm tall started training when iw as 15 (mucking round) got serious when i turned 17.

u say u have reasearched alot.....?

through much research

well how can u be confused on how to put together a cycle then?

and also in yr reasearch for sustanon 250 u would have come across the words dbol, deca, stack together and probably a word or 2 like.. very nicely...? u dont need both dbol and deca but one or the other would be very beneficial. im a fan of deca and think u should take 200-400mg weekly with yr 500mg sus. for ten weeks.

how much are u paying for yr gear anyway???

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good luck with it all then. eat a good diet and train hard and try stay leanish, theres no point saying "wow, look at me i put on 15kg on my first cycle when most of its fat and water"

u could have got it alot cheaper, but its yr doe so no ones worry but yr own really.

let us know when u start and how u decide to run it.


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