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For the Girls to think about taking AAS


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*Original Post by AmazonDoll*

Not many women on this board, but some of you guy's may have your women thinking about it or you may want to get them going on it. These are just my opinions and observations that I gained over the years.

All women react to each compound differently. My concern is educating women to the potenials of virilization & how to avoid it.

I've done my fair share of cycles over the years and know quite a few women that have as well.

Here are some things that I have come to believe:

For Females: Keeping Virilization to a Level you can Live With while Using AAS.

By Amazon Doll.

1. If you start to get sides while you are on a cycle, there is no guarentee that the sides will go away once you stop.

2. By using fast acting esthers, you can drop the cycle immediatly and maybe, just maybe the sides will go away. 90% of the time they do......but not always.

3. As soon as you get sides you don't want to live with, drop the cycle. Maybe the sides will go away, maybe not. Figure out ahead of time what will YOU be willing to live with for the rest of your life and if you get to that point with your sides, don't go beyond them. Stopping the cycle then may prevent further sides.

4. That sore throat is not allergies or a cold or you over-training, it is the thickening of your vocal cords and it may not ever go back to the way it was before your cycle

5. Lets say (hypothetically) you do 3 cycles and you get rid of 98% of your sides at the end of each one. You will still have 6% more masculinization than before you ever started doing them. That's only 3 cycles....what does 5 years of cycles look like on you?

6. All the women I know that have used steriods look it somewhere on their body.

7. Before you decide to use aas figure on this: No matter how small your cycles, you will have probably always have: some hairs to pluck on your upper lip or chin, your clit will be a little larger, that squeaking in your voice is the beginnings of voice changes and it might not go away.

8. Don't let anyone tell you that var is safe as far as sides. My voice is very effected by var and my clit is as well.

9. Women! You will gain weight when you do a cycle. If you can't handle a few pounds, maybe this stuff is not for you. Water weight combined with muscle growth will make you look bigger & thicker. Your face may get puffy even if you are dieting while on. Most women don't look very "pretty " while on.

10. Dieting while on will not give you new muscle growth, just help you hold some muscle you have while you cut. Most cutting can be done with proper diet & exercise and not have the chances of virilization AAS gives.

11. Not eating enough protein and at reguler intervals throughout the day, will be like throwing your gear down the toilet but keeping the potential sides. Proper training & eating up to, during and after your cycle will help you hold the gains you made. Don't do what so many do and fall off the training & nutritional wagon once your cycleis over or you loose it all and the sides stay.

12. Every woman reacts totally differently to each compound. Going "low & slow" is the best way to learn your body and keep from getting sides you are uncomfortable with.

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I thought that post was really interesting.

It would be great hearing from any NZ BB'er females, or any guys on this Board who may have/had a wife/partner/girlfriend/female friend etc who has taken steroids - to comment on whether it has been a positive step for them.

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anyone ever had a girlfriend and thought they could lose a few pounds, and u have offered to make her a cup of tea every morning and while making it put some iu of clen in there?

was joking about this with a mate the other week and we both found it quite ammusing, it then led on to other ideas/questions we asked ourselves but think its appropriate i stop at that one for now :pfft:

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