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Pre-comp supplements?


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I was wondering whether people would like to comment on my planned pre-comp supplement routine........

I was thinking sticking with my usual protein powder, glutamine,

(and maybe creatine until a few weeks out) and

adding in multi vit / min, hmb, fat mobilisers (containing alpha-lipoic acid etc).

Any thoughts? Missing anything? I dont really want to become a walking chemical laboratory as Im naturally quite muscular and lean. So would prefer to take the angle of preventing muscle catabolism while maintaining (increasing muscle mass).

Another q - does anyone think glycerol or MCT oil (flax seed oil) would be beneficial in anyway. I already take salmon oil capsules.


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Another q - does anyone think glycerol or MCT oil (flax seed oil) would be beneficial in anyway

MCT oil is different to flaxseed oil - you could use both if you wanted. Flaxseed should improve general health and fat burning and MCT's are supposed to be a good source of energy when on a low carb diet - not so good if your still eating loads of carbs though.

I'm not too sure what you think glycerol is used for however if you intended it for cell hydration then it's something that is more experimental so you may need to try it out and see if it works for you as far as increased muscle cell volume.

Alpha lipoic acid is a good antioxidant and helps increase insulin sensitivity so could be used to help aid fat loss.

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I have looked into BCAAs and see very little evidence that they work - far more supporting the use of protein powders and possibly HMB / Glutamine.....

Was looking at glycerol from a muscle hydration point of view but maybe this is something I could experiment a bit with down the track (offseason?)

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