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Legal Gear Methyl 1-D


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I dont think you can get it here, my guess is that although not specificly banned it may get stopped if you order it from overseas.

I think it is one of those pseudo prohormones that came out in the US after the ban, my recommendation would be not to touch it.

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Does anyone know if you can get this stuff in New Zealand or is it even allowed here?

As far as I'm aware, you can't get it here now, although it was available early last year at Nutrition Plus. Legal Gear tend to bring out these 'designer steroids' and get them into the market by changing a couple of things in the chemical makeup thus rendering them different to previous banned products. Then the FDA comes along and puts a stop on them.

Had heard many reports of people shutting down completely using their products, even saw one set of blood tests that had quite shocking results.

As 2guns says, although I probably shouldn't say it, but feel compelled to. Why not just use the real thing?

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