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Teen bodybuilders


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Hi, im 17 and i have recently noticed on this site more and more teenagers interested in bodybuilding.

I am 17 years old and have competed once (november 11th, 06) i had jst turned 17.

Heres a few pics i will post up of me and the other two teens in my class so you can see what sorta standard some of us are like.

its good to see more teenagers getting into it as i need some competition :wink:

i am in the red trunks, the guy with the bald head came second.

i have been training for around 26 months

EDIT: im not the leanest around and dieted for 4 weeks for this comp




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well my mum (thankgod) pays for my food. still living at home, she thinks eating healthy is betr then eating shit so shes behind me which is good.

is a really basic diet that consisted of no sugar.

breakfast: porridge & protein powder

Interval: chikn and rice or potato or kumara

lunch is same as above

after skool: porridge and protein powder


dinner: chikn and rice or potato or kumara

instead of chikn you can also have steak of tuna but i am fussy so i jst like chikn

i think thats basically it

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