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Bodybuilding Reality show


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Yes, I remember it, but I can't recall the name. My personal trainer loaned me a copy of it on video back in early 2001 when I was getting ready for my first comp. Perhaps it first screened back in 1999 or 2000?

It followed 3 or 4 people as they prepared for what was the first comp for all but one of them. From what I remember one didn't last the distance and Mike Allsopp-Smith was the one who had competed before.

I think they replayed it on TV again in 2002 - possibly TV1 or TV2.

I know there are far too many reality shows on these days, particularly concerning diets and losing weight, but I reckon doing another bodybuilding reality doco would be great to watch - as long as it portrayed "normal" people, not the over-juiced and synthol-filled freaks they tend to parade!

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Thanks, Deeepsouth - it's good to know the title of the doco.

Yes, it probably wouldn't be all that informative for an experienced competitor, but it definitely was educational for me when I first watched it (prior to my first comp).

Hey, perhaps we could suggest that TVNZ host a new reality bodybuilding show like "Bodybuilding With The Stars" and put some celebs on a 12-week comp prep and see how they get on!? :)

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