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Hey All,

I was working out this morning and watching the display on the tready, and a thought came into my head

i have been using a heart rate monitor and input my age etc 'How accurate are the calorie readings on those machines?' like if it says 278 calories burned or what ever, how accurate is that?

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Hello Top Cat! The display/readings are more of a guide. Every individual is different in many aspects. Even a person who is of the same age, same weight, can be very different. The cardio displays are more for giving the the user a motivating guide. Having said that, I think its better than nothing!

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alot of the machines heart rate moniters can be affected by "disterbancEwhich can throw out the heart rate. disterbance can com from souronding equpment, tv's fans etc.

so all in all chances are its not accurate and when you calculate other factors mentioned above can only add more to it.

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