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Unhealthy food ads axed from children's TV


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Unhealthy food ads axed from children's TV

Friday May 04, 2007

By Mike Houlahan

http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/1/sto ... d=10437733

Ads for unhealthy fizzy drinks and chippies during children's television programmes are to be axed under a voluntary deal between the Government and broadcasters.

However, health campaigners say the move won't achieve what the Government hopes it will - a reduction in child obesity rates - because children do most of their television watching at prime time.

Food and drink that's classified as unhealthy will be dropped at these times:


Mon-Fri, 7-8.35am, 3.30-5.30pm

Sat 7-10am

Total: 21hrs 5 mins a week


Mon-Fri, 7.10-8.25am, 3-4.30pm

Sat 7-9am

Total: 15 hrs 45 mins a week

What say you? Is it a good idea, or waste of time?

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It's interesting that TV3 is restricting the ads for less time than TV2 is. It's a voluntary deal, so I guess they're perfectly entitled to do that, but I wonder what their reason is. Do they run children's programs for a shorter window than TV2, or do you think it just comes down to money?

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A large part of it would come down to money, even the possible loss of advertising revenue could be offset by the attracting of attention/adverisers to being "socialy responsible." There is also the possibitity I am being overly cynical 8)

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