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More Pics From Wellington


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Here are some pics from wellington.

Between my wife and I we took over 750 high res photos.

Here are just a few of me and a couple of the guys form the naki.

I had a great experience and am very keen to do it again,

seeing all the great talent made me realize how far I have to go.

Also a link to a video of my routine. (Broadband Recomended)











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Yea thanks for that I had a great time. Had heaps of support from the Taranaki Team, thanks to you all I couldn't have done it with out you guys. Leading up to the day I was mainly nervous about my routine but after the morning and the few minutes I had up on stage, I thought blow that I only have 60 seconds left up there so I am going to enjoy every second!

Seems leading up to the comp... Back stage... and now... that everyone thinks I have great legs so thanks, and now I am going to give it everything and see if I can get my upper body knocked into shape.

Sort of had a week off last week and full on back into it this week, heaps more energy at the gym now that I am eating a bit more, it has been pretty limited diet for the last 7 odd months.

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Sure for I can burn a DVD of them all if you want them in full res.

You just cover postage and the disk.

otherwise give me a couple of weeks and I hope to have a slideshow on my website of the best of them (low res). If you are after one in particular let me know the competitor number and I can check if I have any of them.

I am loving the gym at the moment, heaps more energy & strength, now I am not focussing on weight loss. I am sure pushing it hard that I will be able to put on some decent size over the next few months. My main focus will be chest and back - lats.

My goal is to do the Nationals (if I can add some size up top) and then the Taranakis 2 weeks later.

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That's great you are so enthusiastic about these comps later in the year, Ed.

You did incredibly well to lose so much bodyfat, build muscle and get all the other fine tuning sorted for your first event!

Good on you for enjoying every minute of your first comp - as I mentioned at the de-briefing you can wake up on the morning after the show and be amazed at how quickly it passes.

I'm sure those "wheels" of yours are not just due to having good genetics - you're obviously doing the right things with your training. If not, and your blessed with natually great legs, then you're a lucky b*stard!! :pfft:

You'll love doing the Nationals and of course the Taranaki show. I've done both events several times and you will definitely get a huge buzz at the Naki show performing in front of your home crowd! Train hard and we'll see you back on stage last this year ... all the best!!

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thanks ed. whats the best way to get in touch with you to get a copy on of the pics on disc?

Yeah i thought it was pretty amazing how you had managed to lose so much weight and still look so sharp.

you will be super motivated now after all the positive comments on your physique so use that motivation to train extra hard.

The naki's is a real good show, and it's always good to have the home crowd advantage.

As for those legs, ( no disrespect to you terry ) but i still think you are a genetic freak :)

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