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yea sm ill cu there, was in town sat nite didnt see u at yr work was gonna ahve a chat. cu saturday anyways kaz

and diamond yeah ill say hi to them but maybe they dnt know who u are.

by the way matthew jones' legs are lookin fucken mean

yeah, if you see him squat you will soon figure out why.. i lived and trained with matt and have seen him on numerous occasions squat 280 kg for 3 or 4 reps and go deep and rep out with 220 on the bar.

Everytime he rocked in to train he used to set the standard as far as hard and heavy went.

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what about u SM u competing this Year

Hmmm not sure yet - just trying to bring a few areas up b4 i think about competing again - see how we go - maybe the nationals? who knows...

2Guns - nah we lost the contract for the waterfront bro so working at another bar. Apparently the 'doorman' was too rough with some of the customers haha - (shucks I wonder who the doorman was? :shifty: LOL)

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here are some pics fro the nabba show in auckland. Hot off the press hey pseudo, I am trying to get these photos in, but they say the [hotos are too large. is their another way ican get them to you to post on the site. by the way good to know th sport is going to get some publicity soon as the guys from pulp sport was on the stage :) good for a show, check the photos.

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Awesome! Thanks Frogie. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

You're right - straight off the camera, they will be too big to put up here. They're probably too big even to email. You'll need to resize them. I highly recommend the FastStone Photo Resizer program - it can resize an entire batch of photos in one go, it's really easy to use, and it's free. It's also a tiny program - the entire program probably takes up less space than one of your photos! I just can't say enough good things about it...


Let me know if you get stuck. :)

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