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Heya all,

hope lifes good

just got a question, to do with squats compared with sumo squats which is the best to get out big lifts? Can you alt between them for a better result ?

If you have any suggested periodised programs that would be awesome to

thanks for your time :)

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The wider your stance, the more you will work the adductors (that's the inside of the thigh). Squatting with your legs closer together in a narrower stance will hit the abductors (outer thigh).

In general, yes, it's always a good idea to alternate and try different excercises. The constant change keeps your body adapting, and keeps things interesting for you. It also hedges your bets, so that whatever you do, you'll always be at least half right! :wink:

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sounds like a good idea mate :)

Ive heard that doing to much squatting can cause muscle en balances do you think alt between the two movement would correct this

just asking about squatting because out of the 3 power exercises its my weakest

In power lifting form i get

bench 150

dead lift 230

squat 180

and from most of the lifters i see around their dead lifts and squats are pretty close ?


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