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Muscles grow on milk diet - Article on Stuff today


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Thoughts on this? I've gone big on milk in the past, but have forsaken it for the side effects that excess dairy can have. I remember talking to Jim Bedwell (creator of Red 8 ) and he warned against developing lactose intolerance from OD'ing on milk.

Muscles grow on milk diet

By JOHN HARTEVELT - The Press | Thursday, 19 April 2007

Afi Peppard's secret is out of the bag – his fellow body-builders are wasting big bucks on expensive supplements.

A new study, from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, says skim milk builds about twice as much muscle as traditional supplements.

Lead author of the study, Dr Stuart Phillips, said the consumption of any protein helped to build muscle mass but it was not clear which of the many forms of protein were most effective.

Traditional formulas, such as whey and soy were digested quickly, he said. The protein in milk was digested much more slowly, producing a more gradual and long-lasting increase in blood levels of amino acids. While these "slow" proteins did not promote muscle formation, they did prevent muscle breakdown.

A combination of "slow" and "fast" proteins such as casein and whey, both found in cow's milk, would be most effective for building muscle.

Phillips pointed to the results of his study in which eight men who regularly lifted weights were given a soy beverage or skim milk after performing a series of exercises with one leg.

For three hours after the workout, muscle uptake of amino acids was significantly greater when the men drank milk than when they consumed soy.

The findings came as no surprise to three-times Mr New Zealand Afi Peppard.

In his eight years of competitive body-building, Christchurch-based Peppard said he had only once used a supplement. "I don't think it's best for me, because for me it looks like a business. If you eat plenty of food, plenty of carbohydrates, it does the same thing."

Peppard said he drank a lot of trim milk every day.

"Heaps of people ask me what I use and I just tell them I eat heaps! I eat seven meals a day."

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