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O.K, things have gone a bit ordinary as far as accommodation for the CCI weekend goes.

I got the dreaded phone call off the owner of the motel that I have had booked out since October last year. Unfortunately, the 30 rooms that I had booked are not available for the weekend of the CCI. Whoever booked them has been a bit too eager & hasn’t realised that the motel has a long standing booking for the sheep-fuckers each year!


They owner was really apologetic etc, but it has really left me in a shitty position. For the last 6mths I have been sitting back thinking that I’ve got 30 rooms up my sleeve, but now I am left with sweet FA. Due to the fact that it’s Bendigo’s biggest weekend of the year, it’s virtually impossible to get any accommodation, let alone a Saturday night only accommodation. Most of the motels are insisting on 2 or 3 night bookings, knowing full well that they will get them, as the World’s biggest sheep show goes for 3 bloody days!

I spent all of yesterday ringing around & I have been reasonably successful in booking both Saturday night only & Friday/Saturday night accommodation.

I have 41 Saturday night only rooms available.

I have 21 Fri/Sat night rooms available.

These are scattered over 10 different motels, none of which are within walking distance from the venue.

If you would like any of these rooms, please book ASAP. First in with the money will get them. Trust me; there will be nothing left if you leave it until the last week. If you are prepared to share a room, let me know. You can split the cost & give more people the opportunity to stay for the weekend. It’s a great weekend, the city of Bendigo is full of nightclubs & restaurants, and the people are very friendly. You will have a great time.

Any Interstate & NZ competitors really need to get in early. It’s a 2hr drive back to Melbourne, which is about the last thing you will feel like doing after competing.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but there is not much that can be done about it, although I can guarantee to everyone on this forum, that we will all be eating roast lamb until it’s coming out our ears! (After we’ve had our way with them of course!) :grin:



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