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Hey Everyone,

Im currently doing a split routine which concsists of:



Legs(of which have not done any yet due to injury)

And a few Ab exercises thrown in at the end of each workout

I am aiming for greater muscle mass and strength at the moment and was wondering what you guys would recommend with regard to reps & sets i currently do 3x10 of each exercise i do as i dont know any better.

Hope you can help


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The Key is to try it all and see what works for you.

Very low end of the scale 1- 5 reps will give you more strenght gains.

Higher up will give you mostly hypertrophy (8 - 15reps).

Try and find what works best for you.

Start off with the 8 - 12's, drop it down to the 8 -6's after a weeks. then go for the 5x5.. play around !

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just to add a little warning, with the heavy weight training and less reps. you will need a spotter, especially on bench press, and squat. keep in touch with your joints, and you will need to rest the muscles for a full recovery. that is if it is truely fatigued give it at least 5 days before you give it another work out. I did the heavy weight training and found the injuries coming in. but after a little rest and change of work out for a few weeks, i was able to get back into heavy work.

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