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Taking ya protein overseas


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I could be flying over to auzy in a month. Now Im just wondering am I able to fly my 10-15 kgs of protein over with me?

Or is it better and cheaper to fly over and get family to send it over later.

Or is it just better off flying over and ordering some more over there?

anyone got any suggestions.

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If it's got any egg type protein (albumin) then chances are they'll stop it. Have a look for the aussie dept of health website and double check...I have read a number of forum posts from disgruntled BBs who have had their protein stopped cos it didn't fit the bill.

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i reckon if you do take it over with you, take it in the back of a boogie board bag:), than when they ask if it's yours deny it until your blue in the face, say your last name is corby and you should be fine....

seriously, if i were you i'd just buy it over there, if your taking that much with you, you might end up paying extra baggage charges. etc. but otherwise if you declare an unopened container you should be alrght

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When i travel i only take MRP powder in sashays.

I got hammerd at customs once. They sore in the xray a heap of pills. They were animal pacs (small plastic bags of 11 vitamins & aminos)

Now i make sure i have the label off the can they come in to show customs.

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