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NZFBB Wellington Champs - 1 week to go

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The first NZFBB event for 2007 is now just 6 days away and it's shaping up to be an EXCELLENT contest!

It looks like we will be getting 40+ competitors at the event, with some extremely good quality bodybuilders amongst them. Several competitors from this event will be off to Sydney the following week to represent NZ at the IFBB Australasian champs on Sunday, April 29th.

If anyone is keen for a bit of special treatment at the night show, you could consider a VIP ticket - this will give you a guaranteed front/centre seat and an invite backstage for the complimentary drinks and nibbles during the 30 minute interval. During this time you will be able to see some of the top competitors close up as they prepare to go onstage. These tickets are $55 each per adult, or $50 each for bookings of 5 or more tickets. This is a premium on the regular $28 ticket price, but very good value for money.

For more details about the event, check the http://www.nzfbb.org.nz site.

Good luck to all competitors getting ready for this event, or for any other event coming up soon!!

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Excellent, Andrew - we'll see you later this week! I know you had a tough choice between two events this weekend, so thank you for choosing to come to Wellington! I have a hunch there will be at least one more Hawkes Bay competitor joining you, and I'm sure there will be others from up your way going across to Rotorua to do Peter and Dee's NABBA show.

Waldo - have a safe trip down ... wouldn't want to lose the product for your two sponsored classes on your travels!! :pfft:

Yes, deegee and Pseudonym - I'll do my best to get some photos to you asap. Dee from DeeArt Photography is once again out official photographer, so I'll see if I can get his pics to post on this site.

And thanks for your post, Dumbelldog - great to see such a large group (14 at last count) coming down here from the Naki to compete. You guys will probably have two teams between you, battling it out for the team award!

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I have a hunch there will be at least one more Hawkes Bay competitor joining you, and I'm sure there will be others from up your way going across to Rotorua to do Peter and Dee's NABBA show.

Yea I think Willie Walker's coming down to Wellington and Aron Vaisigano (junior men class) is going up to Rotorua

Yep Waldo i'll be competing

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Good stuff. Comae and say gidday at the Max's booth sometime.

I'll do that

Willie Walker competes at everything. He said he was going to take some time off this year...LIAR!

Yea I think he’s got his name down for going over to Oz the week after as well :lol:

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Good old Willie! I've actually competed against him 6 times (all in Masters O40) since 2002 - 4 of those at Nationals (3 x NZFBB and 1 x NABBA). He's a great competitor and a top guy - it will be great to see him again!

Ha ha - Willie not competing!? He's a bodybuilding addict, like many of us - it's rare for me to go to a show and not see his big grin beaming around the pump-up room!

Yes, he is on the list of NZFBB competitors to go to Sydney next week for the IFBB Australasian champs. So far 12 are going over, with a few others to be added after this weekends event.

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That's a shame you missed it, THEBERG - the date change was made back in January to avoid a class with the IFBB Australasians - for which approx 18 competitors from NZ are planning to compete in next week.

It was a great show yesterday - 39 awesome physiques and some tremendous battles on stage in some classes.

I'll post more results later, but the Overall winners were Scott Reynolds (Men), Mandi Matheson (Womens Physique) and Melanie Westland (Figure).

Some highlights were the battle in the Open Men's Under 70kg where 5 top physiques were put through their paces for a good 15-20 minutes - ex NZFBB NZ Junior and Novice champ, James Zimmermann, taking this out ahead of a very impressive Shaun Lester. Scott Reynold claimed a big scalp in beating ex NZFBB Mr NZ and top-15 IFBB World competitor, Phil Kuklinski, to win the Open Men Over 80kg class. Matthew Jones (current NZFBB NZ Junior champ) continues to improve and is STILL a junior!

In the Women's physique, Mandi Matheson claimed another Overall title against a handful of good competitors.

The Figure classes also provided plenty of top quality and experience, with Melanie Westland claiming her 2nd Overall title in as many weeks, edging out an impressive Minda Galvin (Open Figure Tall winner).

Minda Galvin and Marke Russell (Masters Over 40 winner)looked fantastic and won the Mixed Pairs, Gina McFadyen and James Zimmermann the Best Posing awards and the big group of 14 from Taranaki picked up the team award.

I'm due to get a DVD with all the official snaps by mid next week, so I'll pass some of the good ones on.

A wonderful effort from the staff and officials once again, great support from our sponsors, plus a large vocal crowd worked up by our brilliant MC (Nicole Bell) and of course the top notch competitors!

OK, I'm shattered after two solid days of final prep, running the show and cleaning up, so I'm off to bed for a while!

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Big Ups to mastertel for a great competition. The quality of competitors was excellent for an early show, and like MT said, the u70kg class was a goodie.

I'm proud to say the Mens (Scott Reynolds) and Womens (Mandi Matheson) Overall Physique winners are both MAX'S sponsored Atheletes, so I'm really stoked for the two of them!

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Thanks very much, Waldo - and thanks to you for once again providing a valuable contribution ($$$ + product for prizes) at this event!

Yes, it was great to see Scott and Mandi do so well - I wish them (and the other 17 athletes selected) all the very best at this weekends IFBB Australasian Champs in Sydney!

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Awesome show that night, quality of competitors seemed much better, and this year's show was really well organised, great people, and the improvements from competitors such as junior boy Matt Jones was just amazing!Looking forward to the next show in Welly!

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Thanks defx - it's always nice to know these events are appreciated!

And thank you, Andrew, for your comments and also for making the long trip down here to compete. You picked the toughest class in the entire show and all you guys in the Open Under 70kg class would be worthy winners in any other regional comp. It was nice to catch up with you for a beer after the show, despite the loud music and the rowdy stag night group!

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