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How is a bb considered an Athlete???


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I got this of getbig.com

First off, I am not out to offend anyone with this post. I want to have a legit conversation about this.

The fact is bb takes hard work, dedication, genetics and drugs. There is no athleticism involved imo. You eat, sleep, tan, lift and shit. You then step on stage and flex. What a bb does is no different then a women who is training for, and competing in beauty pageants. Obviously bb has become a freak show so the beauty part does not apply, but the main idea is the same. Yes, a lot of bb's are former athletes. But most where not good enough to make it into a pro leauge of some type, or stopped playing sports due to injury. You could be the most god awful athlete in the world, but if you have the right genetics, and response to drugs, you could be a world champion bb.

While bodybuilder's are very dedicated they are not athletes imo. No more then a chick who diets, trains , tans and stands on stage competing in a pageant. No disrespect meant by this post. Chick would lead you to believe bb's are among the worlds top athletes You have to admire the dedication pro bb's show, just cannot see how they would be classified along side pro athletes.

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Body Builders may not be athletes in the same respect as other sports people are considered athletes. but I think they are still athletes in there own right

Definition of an Athlete from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An athlete is any person who participates in a sporting event. An athlete can be a man or a woman; old or young; and any race. Further, athletes can be professional (paid) or amateur (unpaid). A superior athlete is one who has above average physical skills (strength, agility, and endurance) and is thus suitable for physical activities, in particular, contests. An ancient Greek word for "contest" was athlos, and those competing in the games were called athletes.

Most professional athletes have particularly well-developed physiques obtained by extensive physical training and strict exercise accompanied by a strict dietary regiment.

I think according to the definition body builders defiantly meet the criteria of an athlete

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I've had this argument with some "friends" of mine before. they argued that a weekend rugby player is an athlete, or a runner is an athlete. not a BB.

when i broke the other athletes down i asked when they trained.

runner every second day and rugby player 2 -3 times a week.

BB is daily.

when they competed.

rugby players are a weekend for three month (give or take)

runners are about once a month dependant on events.

Well BB are up to 4 times a year.

Diet commitment

weekend rugby players didn't really have any

likewise with runners

well BB need strict diet all year.

training, diet and competitions for BB is often a lot more intense than the other two athletes listed. so by this definition and the one before i would say that BB is more of an athlete than a weekend rugby player or a jogger.

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I think anybody who does bodybuilding seriously is an athlete, I would even go so far as to say that someone who plays rugby casualy and not in a top team is just a sportsman, 1 weekend gane and maybe a practice or two during the week is far less than the work I put in. And I do it year round

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I think Frogie and DeeGee are on the right track, as Deegee stated any serious "competing" body builder would be in most cases more dedicated in all aspects of their lives that and other amature athlete in NZ.

I've played Rugby, Motorcross up to national level and I can tell you that BB is far more intrusive and you need to be far more dedicated to it than the other two sports I've mentioned. Just my two cents.

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side tracking a little....is a competitive eater an althlete??

Is there a difference where your results are measurable against your peers in actual head to head competition vs BB which is subjective and "judged" based on others opinions?

I heard someone state once that its not a "sport" unless it involves contact.

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I think we want it to be considered a sport simply to give it more credibility. It is a glamorized beauty pageant, in my opinion. It would be similar to having basketball players come out and instead of playing the game like they have practiced doing for quite some time, to stand their and be judged on how they look.

But on the other hand, how can bowling be a sport, or golf too, I think these are merely learned, and honed skills. Is darts a sport?

and another point would be peoples background, like how they got into lifting weights. if people used lifting as a means to get better for a sport as opposed to people who just began to lift , they would be much more likely to consider it a sport

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Im not sure how anyone can consider a bodybuilder not an athlete, yes in a broad sense he/she is judged on looks but muscular development from high performance training and diet, including rigorous cardio. This development is judged on points just as any other sport the only point of difference is that the bodybuilder doesnt get judged in the gym on his performance but on the muscular development on stage.

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Hi there,

This subject seems to cross-over from my line posted 28th December where I proposed that Body Building was not a sport and would only become ‘mainstream’ in the public/ medias eyes when it involved some kind of competitive factors & not just the aesthetic.

That said, I don’t think you could argue that body-builders are not athletes.

It’s just they have no avenue to test their athletic prowess in the same sense as say other sports people, which reverts back to my original proposition (28th December).

Let’s take my case.

I do mixed-martial arts training for fitness but have never actually entered the ring and at my age I don’t intend to!

Using your definition because I don’t compete in the ring I’m not an athlete even though I do 3 training sessions per week identical to the fighters. It’s only when I play Saturdays first game of this seasons ‘kick & giggle’ Masters Soccer this weekend I can assume the mantle ‘athlete’?

I understand where you are coming from but unable to sustain any argument that Body-Builders are not athletes in the sense of the definition.

That's my pennys worth.

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the best way to reply to that coment of bb's not being atheletes is to tell you to watch pumping iron arnold say's it best! listen to what he is saying very closely maybe watch it a few times even if you think it isnt a real sport theres no way that bb's cant be athelets.

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Well I am new to this all, my first comp is just a week away. But my 2 cents worth (if there was actually 2 cents anymore) is that anyone who is negative enough to say that a BB is not an athlete would 9 times out of 10 be someone who would never have the commitment and self control to do it themselves. Body building is an endurance sport in the truest form. With the race for the finish line starting months (even years) before. My build up for this comp started 7 months ago when I was 34kg over weight and as far as I am concerned however I do I have all ready won. My prize is a totally new lifestyle (one of an athlete) one where dying of heart disease is a lot less likely. Anyway for the effort we put in I defy anyone to deny us the title of Athletes.

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Yes, very well said Ed!! I particularly agree with your comment that you feel a winner regardless of how well you do at the comp next week.

Speaking of which, all the very best with your final week of prep and I'll see you with the rest of your Inglewood group here in Wellington for your bodybuilding comp debut next week!!

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