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I've done some basic powerlifting training in the past and had a break from training for a year so I'd like to get back into it. I'm also trying to loose the fat part of the stocky bit so I'm upping my protein while keeping overall calories in check.

I've started using the basics -- whey, creatine & glutamine but I'm keen to see whether there are any other good supplements out there as well as (most importantly) diet & training advice! My main aim is to loose some fat and get bigger but not necessarily in a sculpted way :) So basically any advice is helpful and hopefully I'll be able to help out with other people too in the future!

Thanks, Ian.

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For the last six weeks I've been doing a twice a week mixture of superman, pressups, bench press, hammer curls, barbell curls, standing row with a lot of use of swiss ball to help me work on core.

The last two weeks I've been doing a basic programme to build up to lifting again. It's 8-12 reps of: squat, barbell bench press, stiff legged deadlifts, lat pulldowns, barbell oh press, barbell shrugs, barbell curl, standing calve raise, hanging leg lifts, abdominal bridge and crunches.

I'm doing the above Monday/Wednesday/Friday and go jogging twice a week.

I'm trying to eat about 150g of fish or other protein rich food for lunch, 200g of similar for tea and use protein shake prior & after workout with creatine/glutamine. Someone recommended Norateen as an additional supplement but I don't know much about it.

Other than that I'm 79kg & 1.65m high & 38 years old.


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