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Supplement Timing


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Just curious on a couple of things:

First of all just started on the following:

BSN Nitrix

SciFit Kre-Alkyn

Animal Pak Multis

These are in addition to protein (P40) and eating every 3 hours.

Anyway, the Nitrix is taken 3x per day on an empty stomach - which leads me to Question 1. Given I am eating every 3 hours -I am never at a point where i feel hungry. So I am not sure if:

a. I have my timing right; or

b. If I am going to get the benefits from taking this; or

c. I should cut back on my eating plan (which I don't think would be a good idea).

The Animal Pak is to be take 1/2 hour after the pre-workout meal. What is the science behind this? most multis are usually taken in the morning with breakfast.

On non-training days - when shoud i take them?


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Don't cut back on your eating, as nitrix certainly isn't as beneficial as your food.

If you read the bottle closely it says: "Directions: Recommended for persons under 200 lbs: Take 3 tablets 3 times per day (everyday). Always take on an (i.e approximately 30-45 minutes before meals or 2 hours after a meal.) Taking with food or on a full stomach may diminish its effects. Take the first 3 tablets in the morning upon arising, the second 3 tablets before lunch, and the final 3 tablets before dinner. "

If you are eating every three hours you should be able to fit this in...just drop the (nitrix) pills half an hour before food, and you'll be fine.

Not sure about the animal pak...the kre alkalyn can be taken with anything.

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