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Cardio for the cripple


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Hey Guys/Girls

I suffer from a major ankle injury i did in college about 2 years ago, basically i cant run as the impact going through your body step by step is 3x that of your body weight in turn i will suffer from premature arthritus(early than i should seeming im 19) if i run.

Was wondering if anyone has any ideas as i want to loose the fat on my stomach as it is being rather stubborn. What are you opinions on sauna's?

i am considering getting up early mourn heading to the gym doing 30min cycling/30 min sauna on an empty stomach as they say this will burn up your reserve fats as oppose to any carbs etc you may have eaten throughout the day.

Hope someone has some ideas to get rid of this gastly pop i am developing! :oops:

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you could try a excercise bike instead of a treadmill they are quite impact free. Or maybe a cross trainer? you should probaly ask your doctor. saunas won't really cause you to loose fat only water.

What were you doing to injure your ankle that badly?

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i have been doing bit of bike riding, went to surgeon yesterday and i am off for another MRI, i had one before my surgery just before xmas 05, the way the injury occured was during a rugby match i was lifeted in a line out and when i came down i landed on the side of my ankle (like a roll) but with my own weight coming down from 3-4ft high causing major damage in my tendons and ligaments things started coming roight but then panned out and got worse, when i got surgey they removed two spurs of bone and cleaned up shit load of scar tissue got the all clear for the following season and got through that in 06 but after the season ankle was kicking up a fuss again and now basically back to square one...

So with regard to suanas they do nout burn fat??? i was reading an article about them stating that they increase you heart rate therefore have some cardio quality??? combined with some intense riding would this even burn fat from my torso or from other places?

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There's been a bit of research done on sauna's and they shouldn't be used as a weight loss tool at all. Only as something to relax in after a hard train. As Wynton said it'll only be fluid you'd be losing if your weight did drop.

As far as doing cardio on a bike to burn fat around your middle - unfortunatley it won't matter what cardio you do you can't "spot" train - you don't know where your body will use the energy. You just have to do a good combination of cardio (on whatever low impact machine you can) resistance training (muscle is more metabolically active than fat so you'll burn stacks more calories if you have good muscle tone) and diet. Weight loss in theory is simple - energy in has to be less than energy out! Maybe go and see a Personal Trainer at your gym and let them know about your injuries etc...they'll be able to put a plan in place to help you achieve your goals - they'll probably even be able to give you some advice on nutrition.

You will burn more calories doing cardio before breakfast on an empty stomach.

Good Luck :P

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