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Flavored Tuna


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For those of you whose staple diet is tuna such as myself, you will find at selected pac 'n'save's the 185gm flavored tuna is on $1.89 per tin from about $2.40. Finding this price I have brought 147 tins. The look of people and checkout operator were classic! :grin:

Have decided to cut out almost all fat and fast food from diet. Currently having 5 tins tuna with rice crackers as daytime meals.

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5 tins!! i thought i was bad at one stage having 3 per day.

and i got funny looks buying about 20 tins a week!

now i eat 3 chicken breasts or 3 steaks per day.

I like vogals toast, natural peanut butter, smoked tuna and a bit of feta cheese on top every now and then.

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I too rely on Tunalite (Sealord flavoured stuff)...

I usually only go through about 8-10 cans a week (not much compared to you guys above).

Anyway, I was reading a post on another forum about mercury posioning from excessive consumption of some seafood including canned Tuna.

What is your guys opinion on this? do I need cut back? or are we safe?

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