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Split workout confused?

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This is a question i have wanted answering for a while now,

If I was to do a split workout, say abs and shoulders,by the time i have my post workout shake 30 mins after my Shoulders, wouldnt the anabolic window have closed for the ab workout just completed so to speak?

Hope this makes sense, its been buggn me fora while.

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Hmm, im not really 100% on what u mean but i will try and answer the best i can.

Obviously we should never allow ourselves to be in a catabolic state to start with, so our pre workout meal should cover us for this, as for post workout shake you should really try to have this with 15 minutes of your most intense weight training exercises as the main purpose of ur PWS is to replace glycogen stores and minimise muscle breakdown further.... its important to remember that PWS is NOT to repair, this is done later, mainly during sleep. So in summary I would personally have my shake b4 most abs sessions but after ur heavy training unless ur abs are just a 15 minute tack on thing at the end and if so just wait till u fiinish training completeing then have ur shake.

I hope that is what u meant??

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I was told during my Gym Instructors course that you have around 45 mins after a workout to get the most benefits of your PWO shake.

Mind you..... I learnt F*** All of what I know from doing that course so I would probably take more notice of what jalapeno said.

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