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I am 100Kg, 6ft 3" and 19years old and have just started to think seriously bout the gym, have done some previous training but was really just mucking around after reading a few forums ive realsied that doing an overall workout 3-4 days a week mite not be so good???. in the last 2 years i have gained arounf 20kg's and am really bulking up (not turning fat just getting large in size).

Wondering if any one can give me some hints as to where to start with my training i want to get rid of the "pop" belly which is starting to sprout :oops: and turn my mass into muscle and basically get ripped without loosing weight. hope you guys can help cheers!!!

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I find the problem with trying to cram everything into one workout is that it doesn't leave you with enough time to do anything properly. I prefer to focus on just one or two muscle groups each day and hit them hard. Structure your workout routine so that you rotate through the different muscles, hitting each 1-2 times a week.

The other really important factor if you want to make sure your gains are lean muscle, not fat, is diet. What are you currently eating on a typical day?

In case you haven't already seen it, our Beginner's Guide to Bodybuilding articles might be a good start.

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As i am just starting i am still on a "slack" diet. i do not eat breakfast for lunch i usually eat some tuna and chips on occasions ill have a salad aswell, banana then will hava snack usually a sandwhich or somthing then at dinner just what ever comes about could be a roast or burritos any usual meal, After reading the bigginners guide i realise my diet is not very good what would you suggest?

By the way started with a split routine lastnight was really good gives you alot more time to do things properly i was amazed ..i did my chest and tri's yesterday so now would i rest those till next week? in the meantime follow the routine descibed in the bigginners guide?

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Ehmut, Small's right - you've got to have a decent breakfast! As for the rest of the diet, it's whatever suits really... Just try to eat 6 small meals a day, and make sure each one contains a serving of protein. Six meals might sound a lot, but it isn't really: Breakfast, Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea, Dinner, Supper. Don't overdo the carbs or fats, and you'll start seeing lean muscle gains.

As for the routine, you've got the right idea. One thing to be aware of though - a chest workout will also hit triceps and shoulders to a certain degree. So just be careful about how you structure your workouts so that you either do them all on the same day, or leave a few days between chest and shoulders so the "secondary" muscle has time to recover.

Good stuff - when you make some of those changes to your diet, post it up, and we'll review it for you. :)

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Thats the holy grail of weight training, "gain muscle while lose fat"

Sorry it wont happen, you may get something along these lines in the first 3 months of training but will then stop.

Plan A would be to diet and train hard with weights and cardio to drop the fat down to an acceptable level for YOU.

then eat clean, train heavy and rest and you will then grow and the scales will climb again.

Basically you are asking everything there is to know about bbíng in one thread ( i know you didnt plan it that way but its kinda the way it is) so i suggest you start studying about diet in general and the key to your goals lye there.


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