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Team Milos in Melbourne.


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Milos Sarcev is currently in Melbourne doing seminars etc. & he's promised that he's entering a team in the Aussie GP 2008.

I thought it would be a great idea to try & get Milos & the team (including Chris Cormier) down to NZ while they are down under (next year).

I don't really have the contacts to make this happen but know some of you guys probably do.

I'm thinking a trade show/seminar, guest pose & a little pro BB stroll around the streets to freak out the locals - just a few ideas.

These guys are businessmen & if the $$$ is alright, I'm sure they'd be happy to make an appearance (as long as it's organised).

It would really help raise the profile of the sport here in NZ.

Any suggestions???

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Got a spare ten grand (USD) just for Chris Cormier? To be paid up front.

The thing is, fronting the cash for something like this would be nigh on impossible here in NZ. No businessman here would do so in my belief. They tried it on the back of the Aussie show a few years ago, got Ronnie and Chris Cormier to Wellington, and took a bath in it money wise.

Even the Health and Fitness expo wasn't well patronised, and that was a mainstream event.

The Lee Priest seminar attracted only 100 odd people. The bodybuilding massif find it great, but as we know from experience the public don't.

Great idea though....I think the closest we'll ever get to it is if the NZFBB do it for the nationals.

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Cammo - that's a very timely and excellent suggestion! I have just come back from the Aussie Pro event and was actually approached by one of the judges to see if I would consider bringing Chris Cormier to NZ to coincide with an appearance in Aussie.

The organisers of the IFBB Australasian champs on April 29th are looking at getting Chris over that weekend, and they are wondering if I would consider getting him here the weekend before - to appear at the NZFBB Wellington Champs (which I am organising) on April 21. This is a very tentative plan - based on talking with Chris in the past few days.

Obviously this is nearly impossible for us to do - apart from it being very short notice, as Waldo has rightly suggested - it will cost probably $10K (at the very least) to cover the cost of getting him here.

I'm optimistic that bringing at least one high-profile pro bodybuilder to NZ can be achieved with careful planning, and some generous sponsors! I totally agree with Waldo that the revenue generating opportunities of such a venture are limited, unless it is done in conjuntion with a top status amateur comp or possibly a professional event. The 2001 NZ Grand Prix (attended by Coleman, Cormier etc) held here in Wellington was a flop financially, but I do believe such an event can be held in NZ with a good chance of breaking even $$$ wise.

I've been to the Aussie event 3 times now - it attracts some top competitors and is very well run by Tony Doherty. Perhaps there is a case to run a pro event here in future - either a week before or after the Aussie show to help reduce travel costs for each event?

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yes i was also at the aussie pro show

in the VIP section

and was at the seminar

maybe you could go next year as tony is planning on have a seminar with milos next year

as he is a nice guy to chat too and got some nice hints

also lots of info off of all the pros

and big chris was sitting next to me part of the pre judging and got some info off him too

yes as terry said they are not cheap to bring here

think about how much it cost tony doherty to run his show each year

the contest money and he pays for there airfars and hotel stay and food etc

so i would suggest would be is go to the pro show and get to know to see these guys and maybe have a chat with them,as they are very approachable and you will have a great time

as this was my second on

and will be there next year :):):):)

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