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Sweet - chur chur Truds.

Here is a recent list of the competitors...

Gustavo Badell

Mark Dugdale

Tony Freeman

Marcus Haley

Phillip Heath

David Henry

Dexter Jackson

Victor Martinez

Ronny Rockel

Markus Ruhl

Sergey Shelestov

Vince Taylor

Branch Warren

Luke Wood

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boo hoo.. I stayed up all night last night to try and watch the figure international, but they had the fitness girls on first ... and I fell asleep.. :cry: Woke up this morning to the results, and Mary Lado won again.. :?

Figure Results

1. Mary Lado

2. Amanda Savell

3. Sonya Adcock

4. Latisha Wilder

5. Valerie Waugaman

6. Gina Alotti

Fitness Results

1. Kim Klein

2. Jenny Hendershott

3. Adela Garcia-Friedmansky

4. Tanji Johnson

5. Julie Palmer

6. Tracey Greenwood

(woo hoo stoked for Kim Klein!! She looked fabulous last night)

Womens Bodybuilding

1. Iris Kyle

2. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia

3. Heather Policky

4. Lisa Aukland

5. Betty Pariso

6. Dayana Cadeau

piccies ....http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/2007arnold_res.htm

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