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Protein right away or glucose and protein later.


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My question is, and I am sorry if this has been touched before.

Right after a work out, should I have a double serve of protein or have a glucose drink then have the Whey half an hour after?????

I have heard that by having the Whey right away it then gets used as energy and the muscles do not absorb the much need protein for growth.....

I have also been doing some reading and found something but didn't quite understand how the whole insulin spike thing happens???

Can anyone explain all this to me as I think I might be eating certain meals and having protein shakes at the wrong timings thus preventing gains..


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Ideally, have the glucose immediately post workout. This creates a spike in your blood sugar levels, which your body responds to by increasing insulin levels. Insulin’s job is to pull glucose out of the blood, and dispose of it - thus keeping your blood sugar levels steady. There are a few ways the sugar can be disposed of, but the one bodybuilders are interested in involved shuttling it off into the muscle cells. This not only restores the muscles' glycogen (energy) levels, but also leaves them open to receive protein.

Also, as you say, you don't want to give your body the chance to use the protein shake for mere energy replacement, so having the glucose first helps in this regard as well. (I don't know whether this actually works in practise, but the theory's good).

If you wanted, you could add a small amount of protein powder to the initial glucose hit. I've heard even trace amounts of aminos (the broken-down bits of protein) can increase the insulin spike, and significantly reduce catabolism. After the glucose, have your protein 20-30mins later.

Those are my thoughts anyway... What does everyone else think?

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To tell you the truth, so I do right now. This is a case of "Do as I say, not as I do..." :pfft:

I probably should get back in the habit of doing it "properly" though - it's not that much harder, and it did seem like it made a difference last time I tried it.

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aaaahhhhh I get it now lol....

Problem I have though is I work out from 6am till 7am, have a quick shower then I I am driving for a little over an hour to work so would have to pull over somewhere on the way to do this... Meaning I would have to take the milk along and the glucose drink.......

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